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The Support SIG meets via Zoom ( on Mondays from 10:00am to 10:30am Eastern U.S. time (see time in your timezone). 

Find recordings of recent meetings on our Google Folder:

Due to the nature of the Support SIG, meeting minutes are not taken.  

Instructions for how to report bugs

Regular Attendees 

The Support SIG is open to all who chose to participate. All are welcome! 

NameRole (as defined in Charge)Institution


(Co-SIG Convener)*

Vendor RepresentativeEBSCO
Charlotte Whitt 

Product owner,

Vendor Representative

Index Data

Debra Howell

(Co-SIG Convener)*

Implementing Library (supported by vendor)Cornell
Implemented Library

UM System

Robert Heaton Vendor Representative


Implemented Library


Implemented Library

Five Colleges 

* Support SIG Convener

The Support SIG convener should be an individual who understands the FOLIO community and the development process.  

Recent space activity

About us

The purpose of the Support SIG is to review support tickets and to assign them to the right team and to follow up with developments to ensure bugs are being corrected in a efficient manner. (See full charge)

Support SIG Activities

  • Oversee Operational Software Support process
    • Monitor Support JIRA project to ensure that issues are being moved from the Support project or resolved within the Support project.
    • Oversee process for Implemented libraries to report production bugs
    • Oversee process of Product Owners and Dev teams to participate in bug handling process
  • Reevaluate the Software Support process regularly to ensure that it is meeting the needs of the FOLIO community without being burdensome to the Product Owners.
  • Report bug statistics (e.g. bugs reported, bugs resolved, time from reported to implementation of fix) to Product Council on quarterly basis.


Benefits of Participation:

  • discovery of new and ongoing issues that might impact your library 
  • discovery of potential workarounds
  • discovery of contacts at other libraries who might be able to help
  • Improve the prioritization process