Production Libraries - How to Report Bugs

Before reporting a Support ticket in Jira 

  1. Confirm that the Bug can be recreated in the current release FOLIO environment found on
  2. Verify that the Bug has not already been submitted to the Support SIG
    1. Open Production Bugs 

Creating a Jira ticket: 

  1.  Log into Jira
  2.  Click Create in the top navigation 
    1.  A pop-up window will appear
    2.  Project = Support (SUP)
    3.  Issue Type = Bug
    4. Template = Standard Bug Write-Up Format
    5. Summary =  Treat as a Subject line for an email, Sample: "Check-out receipt emails are not sent to library users"
      1. Pro tip: Indicate your level of priority in the summary - /wiki/spaces/DQA/pages/2657909  (P1, P2, P3, P4)
        1. EXAMPLE:  P2 -Check-out receipt emails are not sent to library users
    6. Description: 
      1. create a problem statement
      2. Indicate steps to reproduce 
      3. what is expected to happen 
      4. what is really happening 

A stellar Jira ticket would contain:

  • Library Name of who is impacted and what community environment the issue was recreated in
  • The perceived impact/priority of the issue in the summary line
  • Date/time(please include your time zone) the problem started
  • What you expect to happen
  • What actually happens
  • Steps to replicate the problem
  • Details! Screenshots!

Troubleshooting Tips and tricks: 

  • Which browser am I using? Google Chrome is the only officially supported browser for FOLIO.
  • Can I reproduce the issue with another record?
  • Does this also happen for my colleagues?
  • Do I have sufficient permissions to perform this action?
  • Are my app settings configured to support this action?
  • Can I reproduce the issue in an incognito window?
  • Important: Can I reproduce the issue in a community reference environment on the same FOLIO version?

Looking under the hood

  • Open FOLIO in Chrome
  • Press F12 to open the browser’s Developer Tools
  • Look at the Network and Console panes
  • Any error messages?


Here's a link to a YouTube presentation at WOLFcon 2023 with tips and tricks for both writing up bug tickets and for searching in FOLIO Jira: