2022-02-09 Documentation Working Group Meeting notes




Discussion items


 Iris and Juniper updates

Iris update and Juniper content updates

  • Angela has been working on converting things to Markdown and getting it staged for release;
  • Asking people to review content in iris.docs.folio.org - shoot Marcia a note in the next day or two
  • Dennis
    • Data Import - gone through UI, no functional stuff that changed in the UI. There were functional changes to make Edifact stuff work better, but it doesn't effect how the documentation needs to be written.
    • Laura and Dennis met to talk about other documents - he will pass the feedback on, Laura will give update. But Juniper update looks good for Data Import.
    • Can we make sure to share a stable Kiwi environment? Yes - the reference kiwi environment just came online
  • Laura
    • Inventory - not a whole lot of changes, some stuff added for QuickMarc in Juniper, but feels ready to add that into Kiwi. Kiwi is when elastic search came into Kiwi, so it will be a big docs change.
  • Christine
    • Iris docs are good to go - sent Marcia note late last week
    • Juniper - a few things trailing to check with RA and UM
    • Feels pretty ready to jump into Kiwi (and she is getting a test Kiwi environment too at Michigan State)
  • Emma
    • Ready to jump into Kiwi, thinks it will be pretty easy to do - nothing crazy
    • question about bugs - Marcia - document to what the functionality should be, but don't add bugs. 
  • Julie
    • ready to make Juniper updates once the docs are in the Google drive
  • Ingolf
    • Marcia - links shouldn't be release dependent, they should be a relative link.
    • Ian will review the versioning on github to try to confirm if there are issues with the linking
    • content questions - some links weren't correct or not showing up correctly - version links - how should they behave?
    • reviewing content in Juniper - it should be ready
  • Eric
    • getting up to speed with Angela - just put in a PR and it got approved - reporting group is meeting - 
  • Erin 
    • RA Iris docs are done, have not begun Juniper though Jiras are in system for work, have been focused on the platform essentials content

Platform essentials

Erin created the folder in Google drive - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15ofona3DzmxRSN9uKCO-fG2XZIuHSdM8?usp=sharing

Docs in there for locations (Erin), permissions (Erin), item state (Erin), keyboard shortcuts (Julie)

Group agreed that "Platform essentials" is a good name for this section

Goal is to have these prepared to be added to the site in Juniper

Should we include future development for context in these docs? Important for understanding development plans - agreed it was appropriate

Scenarios are also needed and appropriate. Should default to using fake names, but real apps if possible.

Suggestion to explore highlighting scenarios on page graphically or as sidebars

Erin will target having her three docs in final v1 format by 2-11-2022. Julie will write blurb for the keyboard shortcuts page to be included in apps docs to link to central location

Targeting help icon to right version

Ian wants to modify Stripes to abstract the help icon  URL so it can be set as part of configuring an installation. That would also let institutions change the question mark to point to their own documentation if desired. 

He will talk to Zak Burke or Khalilah Gambrell about getting a Jira set up for the work. 

Action items