technical information is built using Hugo, an open source static site generator. The theme used for the Hugo site is an open source theme called Docsy.  Much adaptation was done to the theme for branding purposes and to improve usability.

The source documentation is in a Github  repository:

Spring 2023 - Investigating possible new themes for site


  1. Open source / actively maintained
  2. Allow end users to submit feedback on pages
  3. Allow content creators/updaters to submit edits from the content (using Github PRs or other tools to be defined)
  4. Full mobile support - all site features available on desktop should be available on mobile
  5. Integration with a strong search engine tool (whatever that might be)
  6. Support for multiple languages
  7. Make it easier to navigate the content of a page. The TOC is hard to read, e.g. 

Nice to have

  1. Flowchart support with a tool like Mermaid


Current theme is Docsy -

Other themes that Erin liked:

My impression is that Docusaurus is popular, but it's not based on Hugo - - built in React - this is what is behind the OpenRefine docs, for example (

Not open source -