2020 - 2021 Documentation Working Group Updates

This page archives documentation updates from Marcia Borensztayn as part of standing up docs.folio.org as a documentation site. 


January 7, 2021

Phase 2 is complete.  Advances include:

  • Enabled access to the live site from folio.org
  • Established presence in JIRA for documentation
  • Refined drafts of Resource Access content
  • Created draft of content for the new Circulation Log app
  • Refined drafts of Installation content

Next steps:

  • Enable access to docs.folio.org/docs from the UI
  • Conduct final review of Resource Access content (Check in, Check out, Reserves, Courses, and Circulation Log)
  • Conduct final review of Installation content
  • Begin documentation of Orders, Finance, Invoices, and Receiving apps
  • Create version control strategy for older versions of FOLIO documentation
  • Work with POs and others to use JIRA for maintenance of published content


October 29, 2020

Highlights of recent advances include:

DRAFT content created:

  • Google Season of Docs writer (José Ortiz): drafted content for Getting Started and Installation
  • Google Season of Docs writer (Lauren Gallina): drafted content for Check in, Courses, Reserves
  • Drafted content for Home, About, Features, Benefits, License
  • Drafted content for Check out

Next steps:

  • Lay groundwork for accessing the site from folio.org and the UI
  • Create strategy for effective use of JIRA to track and manage documentation work
  • Address additional technical issues
  • Establish roles for documentation review
  • Refine current content; review with subject matter experts


October 12, 2020

FOLIO documentation efforts are underway.  See the Information Plan for details of each phase.

Phase 1 of the plan is complete. Highlights include:

  • Creation of a demo documentation site
  • Creation of high-level content structure (TOC)
  • Creation of initial draft for Check out / Check in apps
  • Onboarding of Google Season of Docs technical writers

In Phase 2, the first items to address are:

  • Moving the demo site to an accessible location
  • Establishing a docs repository on the FOLIO GitHub site 
  • Improving initial draft content
  • Selecting the next areas to document
  • Documenting some FOLIO installation options

Phase 2 will be complete in the mid-end November timeframe.