2022-01-12 Meeting notes



Jana Freytag Thomas Trutt Debra Howell Jacquie Samples Marie Widigson Martina Tumulla Martina Schildt

Zoom link: https://openlibraryfoundation.zoom.us/j/88593295877?pwd=Zm53aG1Ga2g5SVV1OFAvK0lMVVVQdz09

Discussion items

20 min

Requirements analysis

Bugs are ranked outside of the prioritization process; they are handled by the Support SIG

Have a talk with the POs at some point; get in touch with them with a proposal and learn about their feedback

Before we move away from JIRA we should make sure that we can update JIRA tickets in batch; new system to rank needs to be easily integrated with JIRA

some libraries tried to rank with R1 as rarely as possible; other have ranked features with R1 very often; this seems to be unbalanced

having multiple rankings per development teams

how are legal requirements weighted

more weight for libaries putting in dev resources

what is our basic MVP? → related features could be ranked higher

have a look around at how other systems are dealing with ranking? - collect feedback here until  III | How do other ILS systems handle prioritization?

Further notes in the table: II | Requirements analysis

15 min.Review the charter continuation (question)

postponed till next meeting

10 min.

Arrange roles/tasks

follow ups (question)

  • Anya will ask Anton if there is a possiblity for getting a SIG rank field
  • involve SIG Conveners


15:01:54 Von  Marie Widigson  an  Alle:
    Sorry, have audio problems
15:05:58 Von  Jana Freytag  an  Alle:
15:06:44 Von  Debra Howell ( she/ella/她 )  an  Alle:
    We're missing Anya, but it's really early where she lives!
15:24:21 Von  Thomas Trutt  an  Alle:
    Mainly saying this here so I don’t loose my train of thought.. But I feel like individual features (where possible) should be grouped into epics and the epics are voted on.
15:26:24 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    I agree Thomas.  Context is so important.
15:29:27 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    Maybe we should make sure that there are no Jiras that are not connected to some Epic.
15:34:57 Von  Debra Howell ( she/ella/她 )  an  Alle:
    We don't...we do everything in JIRA :)
15:37:15 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    Debra, do you have your own instance of Jira, or do you use FOLIO's Jira for Cornell internal ranking?
15:38:52 Von  Debra Howell ( she/ella/她 )  an  Alle:
    FOLIO's Jira for everything
15:39:03 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
15:41:51 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    I thought that the feedback from Kiwi ranking resulted in our group being formed?  Meaning that it is clear people would like an easier process?
15:42:25 Von  Thomas Trutt  an  Alle:
    Easier but also scalable.
15:42:47 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    I would like to know, empirically, which Jiras are written to work around a gap in FOLIO functionality.
15:43:46 Von  Thomas Trutt  an  Alle:
    I feel that could be done with tags - Workaround, but also linking the final solution to the workaround.
15:43:54 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    to be open about it, I do not think that "ETL" is a viable work-around, a sustainable work-around, for many of the common tasks in the Metadata Management sphere.
15:44:21 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    I was thinking a similar thing, Thomas, thanks for articulating it.
15:47:04 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    And the developers will mostly work in the "easiest" ones to code.
15:54:30 Von  Thomas Trutt  an  Alle:
    Or the most fun.. At least that is how I used to pick tickets.. LOL
15:56:52 Von  Jacquie Samples  an  Alle:
    LOL!!  That does seem familiar.  :)
15:59:45 Von  Martina Schildt  an  Alle:

Action items