2022-05-18 Meeting notes



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Discussion items


To Dos

follow ups 


  • PC-Presentation:
    • inform the PC on our progress on evaluating possible tools to organize the ranking process better
    • present all the different ways to rank the features
    • Have aSIG Ranking and an institutional Ranking on the same features/same list in an integrated way
    • We have to watch out for features that are not dedicated to one special SIG so these do not go missing
    • One Option could also be to send out a survey once a year to include the hole community
    • weighing needs to be decided: consortias, implemented institutions will have more weight here
    • In addition: a separate product focused survey by the PC to find out general needs or faults of the system (every 6 month)
      • including which functional areas are most important
      • should be one survey per area/SIG
    • Communication on the survey and ranking process should be broad, so that it includes everyone
    • how often is ranking needed or is it an ongoing process?
      • 6 month
    • have the institutions and SIGs rank on different dates/cycles to clearly separate them
    • Give institutions the chance to just step back from the latest ranking (taking the ranking from last cycle)
    • Missing from last pointing process: ranking something not relevant!
    • A ranking R1-R5 vs a prioritised list of all features - combining them could be a way?
PC presentation
  • present revised slide deck to PC: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/13nt-8deuTQ8Ama1zbLkrOj22fVFXXRVb/edit#slide=id.p6
    • focus on feedback that we got and questions that we clarified
  • discuss new ideas today and in PC
    • combine SIG and institutional ranking
    • survey instead of institutional ranking
    • why?
      • request to have rankable chunks → question for POs: how can we reach that?
      • work load vs. amount of influence
  • meet with POs
  • meet with SIGs
  • meet with CC?
  • meet at Wolfcon and use that as final deadline for new prioritization start


Action items