2022-02-09 Meeting notes



Jana Freytag Thomas Trutt Debra Howell Jacquie Samples Martina Tumulla Marie Widigson Martina Schildt 

Zoom link: https://openlibraryfoundation.zoom.us/j/88593295877?pwd=Zm53aG1Ga2g5SVV1OFAvK0lMVVVQdz09

Discussion items


To Dos

follow ups 

  • Anya will ask Anton if there is a possiblity for getting a SIG rank field
  • involve SIG Conveners → there is a SIG convener meeting planned
    • e.f.: Ranking in confluence on SIG level
    • more news on that, when group met
    • announced in SIG convener meeting and they were very open to have more impact
  • check with Holly on feedback to pointing process (MS)
    • If you go to the wiki page FOLIO Feature Prioritization at FOLIO Feature Prioritization, you will see a link named "Planning Process Retrospective".  This is where folks added their comments.

How do other ILS rank? 

III | How do other ILS systems handle prioritization?

  • continue
  • Coral: no prioritization process; steering committee that decides
  • Koha: no real ranking or voting; built-in up-vote function; if someone really needs soemthing can try to have it financed (find an interested group)
    • QA team then agrees
    • more mature system; rather bugs or more specialized functions
  • Sierra: list kind of like UXPRODs and customer could select a certain amount; could vote
  • QuickMARC in Folio: use mentimeter; may not be robust enough; rather having presentations and have people interact
  • LDP4P2 Cohort - FunRetro: like Trello; tool to be used at the end of a project/a release; what has been done, what needs to be done
  • same with Miro: may work better at SIG level
  • Google forms could be an option as well to use as a tool

Tools that stood out:

  • Miro to be used on SIG level and Idea Exchange (not free)
  • https://uservoice.com/
  • https://uservoice.com/integrations
  • Institutional rankings vs. SIG rankings
  • institutions need an overview over important features
  • in JIRA: why do we want to move away from JIRA
  • can the rankings be displayed at the bottom of the ticket
  • ranking fields only to track own rankings
  • two use cases to use JIRA that need to be differentiated: Ranking vs tracking own features
  • we should not need shadow systems
  • invite someone to explain why JIRA should no longer be used for ranking and what the display options are → Jana Freytag & Martina Schildt 
  • decluttering and deduplicating the JIRAs is needed
  • the roadmap should be informed by the prioritization process as well
  • NFRs need to be ranked as well → maybe by the TC? POs? Devs? 
  • some percentage of dev time per release should be devoted to NFRs
  • industry standards should not need to be ranked
  • rankings need another level: something may be R1, but how long can I wait for it (until next release, 2 releases)
Decide on next steps
  • start proposal document that we can discuss in next call Jana Freytag & Martina Schildt  
  • equitable, equity is important
  • voting decisive or advisory
  • network/consortia vs. single institution
  • fully implemented vs. some apps implemented vs. planning to implement
  • need to include formal aspects: timeframe to vote; asynchronous vs. synchronous voting
  • uservoice would be a great application - is worthwhile to investigate
    • need to train people 
    • needs to be maintained
    • budget
    • questions needs to be taken to the PC


Von Thomas Trutt an alle 03:24 PM
Von Jacquie Samples an alle 03:31 PM
I do look at the ranking from other institutions, but usually only during the re-ranking, re-voting, times of the year.
Von Marie Widigson, Chalmers an alle 03:35 PM

Von Jacquie Samples an alle 03:45 PM
I mean things like copy/paste, hot keys, data collision/corruption avoidance mechanisms.  Things that are everywhere in modern technology.

equitable, equity
Von Jana Freytag an alle 03:49 PM
Von Jacquie Samples an alle 03:50 PM
And how to we treat institutions that have partial implementations?  Where only 2-3 apps are in use?
Von Jana Freytag an alle 03:50 PM

Von Thomas Trutt an alle 03:52 PM
the more transparent the better.
Von Jacquie Samples an alle 03:52 PM

Von Thomas Trutt an alle 03:54 PM
its the same for larger institutions as well.. Some of our units different tickets affect them differently.. Some also have additional workflows or different workflows from other units.
Von Marie Widigson, Chalmers an alle 03:55 PM
Perhaps this is worthwile to investigate? https://uservoice.com/integrations/Jira
Von Jacquie Samples an alle 03:58 PM
Sustainable tools are important and usually means a lot of work for someone

Action items