2021-12-10 Meeting notes



Next Meeting: 2022-01-12

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Discussion items

20 min


Clarification of questions

Identify a regular meeting slot

  • Some libraries are using the prioritazation to create dashboard
  • this group will work in addition to the Roadmap group and they will present their progress next week in PC
  • can Jira maybe still be used but in a different way to not fall into a "tool overload" by taking on another tool
  • Question for the group: whenever we have a proposal, what does this look like
  • danger of having too many tags - have to be managable
  • regular meeting slots: Meeting will  be on Wednesday 09:00 AM EST every other week
  • Tod will join us, when possible
15 min.Review the charter
  • Would the support issues being part of the process as well?
    • not in favour for this since these can be bugs
    • Bug fixes might have smaller timeline
  • The wording "the Kiwi pointing process worked well" should be different (see document)
  • The pointing Process  could use more discussions around some features, advocating for them more
  • End of March would be better
  • For which release will this next pointing process be (not in 2022?) 
  • Do we need to name a release for this process?
  • fair, regional, transparent
  • a clearly described and documented process
  • Create estimates for features
  • do we need the pointing process, if we have a good priorization process
  • better to rank smaller Tickets and not hughe epics, where it is not transparent which tickets are linked to it
  • giving the ranking process back to the SIGs  (a great tool to get people involved in the sigs again)
    • could be difficult for people attending asynchonous (Time zones, Language gaps)
    • find a process for SIGs to rank features
10 min.Arrange roles/tasks
  • Martina S. and Jana will be convening these meetings
  • finding tools
  • thinking about further processes
  • Anya will ask Anton if there is a possiblity for getting a SIG rank field
  • involve SIG Conveners

Action items