2022-01-26 Meeting notes



Zoom link: https://openlibraryfoundation.zoom.us/j/88593295877?pwd=Zm53aG1Ga2g5SVV1OFAvK0lMVVVQdz09

Discussion items

Review the charter continuation 
  • Check with PC on dead line for this group
  • Michelle in Chat: is this group focused on the “how” of prioritization? (what tool to use, how groups give input) or the “what” (individual tickets, modules, themes,)?

    • it is the How will we prioritize, not reviewing individual tickets.

    • my question about “what” was more about, is prioritization supposed to happen at the individual ticket level, or at a broader level? I had heard from a colleague that prioritization might be done at a broader level, like prioritization of epics/themes/modules vs individual tickets. I didn’t know if this group is charged with recommending at “what level” prioritization occurs

    • broader level prioritization
  • Decision on Charter (tick)

To Dos

follow ups 

  • Anya will ask Anton if there is a possiblity for getting a SIG rank field
  • involve SIG Conveners → there is a SIG convener meeting planned
    • e.f.: Ranking in confluence on SIG level
    • more news on that, when group met
  • check with Holly on feedback to pointing process (MS)
    • If you go to the wiki page FOLIO Feature Prioritization at FOLIO Feature Prioritization, you will see a link named "Planning Process Retrospective".  This is where folks added their comments.

How do other ILS rank? 

III | How do other ILS systems handle prioritization?

  • Pros and Cons of NERS:
    • pro: easy to use, good overview of new features
    • con: quiet seldom that features are actually developed; feels unfair
  • https://uservoice.com
  • The way Voting Systems work in general bring institutions to a point where they group together
  • Have the SIG rank in Jira after a discussion
  • Miro seams like a good tool to rank in the sigs

Action items