2020-02-19 Meeting notes



Discussion items

10 minProgress on Architectural Blueprint refinementUpdate from last week - Vince was out so no activity has happened yet. Will try for the upcoming week.
30 minCore:Platform team roadmap

Reviewed the RMB and Okapi Roadmap. Mike Gorrell Jakub Skoczen Mark Veksler VBar and spampell will meet to discuss how this gets managed over time.

 10 minTech Design and Code Review Process  Update on out of band meeting - oops - was unclear who would call that meeting. The need for the meeting is to clarify what the process is for making sure Pull Requests are handled on time (people, enforcement, etc.) with those that have been charged with doing those reviews. We want to make sure PRs are getting valid and thorough enough reviews (this is mostly for backend work). The "policy" is clear but it doesn't seem it's being implemented fully.  Mark and Craig will be asked to facilitate.
2 minData ImportThe out of band meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday the 26th.
5 minPubSub and Inventory discussionUpdate for TC:  Discussion and meeting this Friday (21st) to discuss status and planned rollout phases of PubSub - Inventory↔Data Import to be the first apps to have end to end implementation, and will be used to create Instance records from the Data Import process.