SIG Reports 2024-02-15

Reports should include:

  • Discussion of specific development areas. Including Jira issues for both features and bugs is helpful.
  • Work related to the FOLIO Roadmap or work that occurred that is not well-represented on the FOLIO roadmap.
  • Information about demos, user discussions, or future functionality for FOLIO.
  • Spins-ups or wind-downs of specific subgroups or working groups in a particular area.
  • Ideas or issues that came up feel outside the scope of the SIG but need commenting.

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SIG NAMESIG Convenor(s)PC LiaisonReport and Include any relevant JIRA issuesAny updates to the roadmap?Submit a Request for PC

Acquisitions SIG

Dung-Lan Chen Kristin Martin 

Acquisitions SIG meetings agenda/notes wiki link

  • Reviewed Donor UAT
  • Discussed Implementers Topics  #113-115
  • Conducted Claiming UAT in January & reviewed UAT results
  • Discussed forthcoming approaches to serials binding
  • Discussed/reviewed options of handling POLs with unreceivable items
  • Discussed ongoing & one time orders receiving scenarios in relation to PO/POL status (continued discussions of the topic right above this one)
  • Conducted "Restrict Fund Use by Location" UAT
  • Discuss Poppy: Fiscal year is not populated on invoices created prior to Poppy
  • PO, Dennis shared preview of fiscal year rollover enhancements planned for Ramsons release
  • Serials Data Alignment small group has met three times; "Discovery" will be the focus of discussions for the fourth meeting which will take place on Friday, 23rd, at 9 am Eastern 

App Interaction SIG

Martina Schildt Martina Schildt App Interaction SIG is discussing Agreements and Inventory Interactions. Owen Stephens presented problem statements and the SIG is now looking at possibilities to solve the problems.

Consortia SIG

Paul Moeller The SIG is developing goals for 2024.  We will be prioritizing the goals and planning action steps in the next few meetings.  

Discovery Integration SubgroupUwe Reh
Discussion of the 2023 Discovery Survey and how to improve FOLIO with the knowledge gathered.

Documentation Working Group

Katharina Jung Martina Tumulla 

The Documentation WG has discussed responsibilities for documentation areas, the order in the left-hand navigation and the search functionality on  


ERM SIG will change its meeting frequency to one meeting every 4 weeks. 

There will be new subgroups formed, focussing on issues related to the connected KBs (internal KB respectively eholdings/EKB). These groups will meet every 4 weeks - meetings will not be held in parallel and are open to everyone interested. 

ERM SIG is discussing "Avoiding multiple users editing a record at the same time".

Implementers SIG

  • Received an update from Tri-Council on the status of the re-architecture
  • Discussed the Courses app; Gaps, issues, and bugs

Metadata Management

Collected use cases for Inventory exports/harvests

Report on Alternate Graphical Representations (non-Latin characters)

At the February 8th meeting, we had a joint meeting with RA SIG to discuss the 3-part item state and future directions. In March we will have another joint meeting on the same topic.

Open Access SIG

Björn Muschall Owen Stephens 

Privacy SIG

Adam Chandler is stepping down as Privacy SIG convener. The Privacy created a report (FOLIO Privacy Roadmap) which has been placed as an action item on the PC topics and the Tri-Council topics for next steps.

Reporting SIG

Jennifer Eustis 
  • See Impacts of New FOLIO Fields and Features on Reporting for relevant Jira issues 
  • Reporting SIG meetings consolidated into twice a month at the best time for different time zones, specifically the 2nd and 4th Mondays at 11am ET
  • Reporting Development groups and Query Review board consolidated into the FOLIO Metadb Users Group led by Nassib Nassar, which meets monthly
  • Added time for "workshopping" queries in every Reporting SIG meeting, starting February 12, led by Christie Thomas
  • Main focus is on learning to use Metadb

Resource Access

Jana Freytag 
  • mod-batch-import and patron notices
  • Discussed: Override options for requests
    • UXPROD-2649 Request: Allow Override of Request Policy Prevented Request
    • UXPROD-2694 Request: Allow Override of Prevented Pickup Service Point
  • Continuation: Gap List - Request anonymization
  • Joint Meeting on 3-Part-Item-State - MM SIG/RA SIG

SIG Conveners

Martina Schildt Meetings are held twice a year. Next meeting will take place in March 2024.

System Operations and Management SIG

Ingolf Kuss Ingolf Kuss 

SysOps SIG received an overview of FOLIO deployment on Kubernetes with shared helm charts from LRZ Munich. Public Helm chart repo here: .

Discussed the need for long-running direct db migration scripts in flower release migrations / in parallel with discussions in the TC.

Support SIG



User Management

Maura Byrne Maura Byrne 

The UM-SIG got to see some mockups of how the UI would change if "required" fields were changed to "recommended" fields.  This would solve a problem where users can be loaded via API without the "required" fields, but as soon as a someone tries to edit the user via UI, they get an error until the required fields are entered.  (Whether the editor knows that information or not.)  We're looking forward to seeing this in a future release. 

Workflow SIG

Ian Walls 
Amanda Ros
Owen Stephens 

Welcomed Amanda Ros as co-chair

While the TAMU team is working on backend developments, the SIG met to discuss how permissions should work for workflows.  Should workflows run as a dedicated user, or as the creator, or as the person kicking it off (and what about when it's scheduled)?  The idea of having separate creation and approval roles was floated, so more eyes could look at a workflow before it starts.  Permissions system bypassing was also a concern; it could be the case a user who has workflow permissions could do some actions they'd otherwise not be able to in the FOLIO UI.

Good discussion, no final answers yet, conversation continuing in Slack channel

Dormant SIGDormant Since


Public Library SIG