SIG Setup Checklist

SIGs have communication resources set up for their use.  This document describes how these resources are set up.  To have a SIG's resource set up, create a ticket on Issues in the FOLIO project.

SIGs have a full name and a brief "token/slug" (something short and memorable that will be used in various places). (e.g. “Authentication/Authorization” could have slug “AUTH”). These names will be consistently used across all communication platforms.

SIG wikispaces will have a blueprint that:

  • Records its Proposal for Engagement/Charge
  • Adds meeting agendas/notes page templates
  • Request for Engagement template
  • Home page template

Setting up a new Space on Wiki requires someone with the Create-Space privilege.

  1. At the homepage, select Create Space near the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Choose Blank Space
  3. In the Create Space pane, put the full name of the SIG for Space Name and the SIG Slug for Space Key. At this point, team members can also be created and the description added.
  4. From the Space Tools menu at the bottom right, select Overview. Add the sig category, then Edit space details and add the SIG description.

  5. While still in "Space Tools", select the Permissions tab, then Edit Permissions.  Check the box for anonymous view all permissions, then Save all.  Return to the new SIG space homepage.
  6. From the three-dot menu next to "Create" in the toolbar, select Calendar, then Add New Calendar
    1. For the name of the calendar, use the full name of the SIG, leave the description blank, and the time zone set to New York.
    2. Set up the event types: activate Add event, then under Event type select Add new event type. Hide "Birthdays" and "Leave" and "Travel", then add a custom event type using the SIG Slug as the "Event Name" (e.g. "RPT SIG Meeting"), choose the three-person icon, and set the Reminder default for 5 minutes before, then click "Save" and "Ok".
    3. On the Community Calendars page, select Add Existing Calendar from the dropdown list in the upper right corner of the page, and search for the SIG calendar created in this step.
  7. Return to the SIG homepage, select "Create" in the toolbar to create a blank page.  Give the new page the title: "About the [ Full SIG name ] SIG" and paste in the SIG charter, then save the page.

  8. Return to the SIG homepage, select "Create" in the toolbar to create a blank page.  Give the new page the title: "[Full SIG name ] SIG Meetings and Notes".  Paste the content from another SIG's meeting page.
  9. Return to the SIG homepage and edit. Copy and paste the content from an existing SIG homepage to the new SIG page, and adjust contents and links to match those of the new SIG.

Setting up a new Tag on Issues does not require special permissions.

  1. In the Issue to create the SIG, activate the Labels field (under the Details section) and type the SIG slug with a "sig-" prefix.  For instance: sig-i18n  The UI will prompt to create the new tag.  Save the revised issue with the new tag.


Setting up a slack channel does not require special permissions.

  1. Within Slack, activate the circle-plus icon next to Channels.  
  2. In the Create a channel pane, leave Public selected, use the SIG slug for the Name, and in the Purpose field put an abbreviated form of the SIG description.  Then activate Create Channel.

Email List

Setting up a mailing list for the list.

  1. Contact Peter Murray and request the list.
  2. Advertise signup to the list at