Getting Started for Subject Matter Experts


If you are a new member of one of the Folio SIGs (Special Interest Groups), welcome! We're glad to have you participate in this exciting project. 

  • The best thing to do to start is to contact your SIG Convener and introduce yourself.

Q. How do I find out who is SIG Convener?

A. Conveners are identified on the home page of each SIG group.  

  • People speak English in most meetings however, considerations will be made for non - English or non-native English speakers. If English is not your first language, you are definitely not the only one!
  • SIGs meet using the Zoom online conferencing tool. They generally use the same Zoom link for every meeting. See your SIG's page in the wiki to find out what Zoom links to use and when your group meets. This is an international project, so be sure to take Time Zone into consideration.
  • Sign up for the Folio wiki in Confluence ( and the Folio discussion sites in JIRA ( by doing the self-sign up, which is available at:!default.jspa (this sign-up gets you into both the Confluence & JIRA).  

  • Contact your Convener will make a request to add you to the email lists.

  • Go to and request an account by clicking on the Sign-Up button on the upper right. The Folio Reporting discussion site section is

  • FOLIO uses a Slack team called "folio-project" for real-time chat communication.  Please request an account in the FOLIO team using the automated web form.  (There is no review process for new account requests; the invitation is automatically sent to your email address.) Slack offers a getting started with Slack guide. Once you are on the FOLIO Slack team, please join the appropriate channel for your SIG (your convener can help you find it if you're not sure which one it is.)

  • Once you decided you want to have access to Google Docs Folders sends your Gmail account address to the Convener, who will use that email to set you up with access. 

  • Ask the conveners for information on previous decisions and current actions.