FOLIO Membership Levels

This document specifies FOLIO Membership Levels for FY25 (July 2024 through June 2025) and may be updated for subsequent years. Please see the FOLIO Governance Model for more details of FOLIO governance and membership.

Membership Levels

The following levels have been defined in order to provide guidelines for organizations so that they might contribute at different levels of commitment. The project needs organizations to contribute at the highest levels they are able to. FOLIO requires resources and relies on the generosity of organizations for its sustainability. 

Each membership level conveys certain benefits, including a number of tickets to WOLFcon, sponsored acknowledgement on websites, and other marketing opportunities.  


Annual Commitment 

Additional Benefits

Enabling Partner 


  • 3  free registrations at annual WOLFcon 
  • Large Logo display on website

Empowering Partner 


  • 2 free registrations at annual WOLFcon 
  • Large Logo display on website

Sustaining Partner 


  • 1 free registrations at annual WOLFcon 
  • Medium Logo display on website

Supporting Partner 


  • 1 free registration at annual WOLFcon  
  • Small Logo display on website

Contributing Partner 

20 hours/week 


  • 1 free registration at annual WOLFcon 
  • Small Logo display on website

*Note - FOLIO will reimburse OLF for any WOLFcon seats

Recognized Roles for Membership Status

The MOU between the organization and FOLIO will specify what type of resources are being committed to the project. The following are examples of the type of roles in the FOLIO Project that person-power commitments are to target:

  • Developer
  • DevOps
  • Tech Lead/Architect
  • Scrum Master
  • Quality Lead
  • Release Engineer
  • Product Owner
  • Project Lead   
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • SIG/Working Group Convener or Chair