Holiday Calendar

Hi!  I have created this calendar as a way to celebrate the diversity of the FOLIO project team members.  When someone says "Monday is a Ukrainian Holiday", I immediately want to know more:  What holiday is it?  How is it celebrated?  How do I wish my Ukrainian colleagues well on this holiday?  Also, I can't help but wonder what a U.K. "Bank Holiday" is all about! I doubt that I am the only person curious about holidays celebrated by others.  Adding holidays that you celebrate is purely optional, but I hope you consider doing so.  These holidays can be any type of event, such as national holidays, religious holidays, etc.  You can even add your birthday if you want!  The idea is to just have fun with it!   I have started by adding the USA Labor Day Holiday, which is coming up on September 6, 2021.  Please take a look...

Warm regards,

Holly Mistlebauer


Everyone is welcome to add events to this calendar.  (As with all wiki pages, you must be logged in to edit.)  Please follow these basic guidelines:

  1. Select an Event type of "Events"
  2. In the What field, please follow this format -
    1. <Country> - <Holiday name> (for example, "USA - Labor Day")
    2. <Religion> - <Holiday name> (for example "Islam - Al-Hijra")
    3. <Region> - <Holiday name>
    4. <Other identifier> - <Holiday name>
  3. Select the date via the When field
  4. Enter a Description of the holiday -
    1. What is being celebrated?
    2. How is this holiday celebrated?
    3. How do we wish those who celebrate the holiday well?  (e.g. "Merry Christmas", "Happy Islamic New Year")
    4. Anything else you would like for us to know about the holiday
  5. Save your changes

This calendar is read-only. Please ask your administrator to renew your Team Calendars subscription.