FOLIO Roadmap Task Force - Charge

The Roadmap Task Force will propose a holistic process for developing, reviewing, adjusting, and communicating the FOLIO Community Development Roadmap.  At a minimum, this process should address the following key components: 

  • Establish and maintain a community driven roadmap that focuses on the priorities outlined in the FOLIO Vision, Strategic Objectives and Initiatives <>
  • Define the role of the Roadmap in the context of the project
  • Clarify how the Roadmap intersects with the work of the Capacity Planning team, testing process, and release schedule
  • Communicate the Roadmap so it is clear what is targeted for development and what is not
  • Clearly articulate which individuals or groups own the priorities for segments of the project (i.e. who defines priorities for Resource Access, Reporting, Cross-app functionality, etc…)
  • Integrate information about external (not guided by community resources) development effort towards on/off-roadmap features into communication and progress

The TF will submit the proposal to Exec PC by the end of February, 2021