Concept Showcase Ideas

1. what do we want to say

  • The FOLIO platform offers choice
  • The platform allows you to select applications from a marketplace, 'click' to install. Applications 'self register'
  • The platform supports 'traditional' apps (e.g. to manage settings), plugins and extensions
  • The platform is exactly that - a platform. Like other platforms - think Amazon - you can choose applications from different providers and create the environment that makes sense for your library
  • The strength of the platform lies in the interaction with a lot of services and different applications.
  • The strength of the platform lies in the individual applications that are developed by vendors and libraries who specialize in these applications

2. who are we talking to?

  • Library strategists who share a vision of choice and flexibility in library technology
  • Functionalist who may get a sense of how workflows can be improved

3. what should people feel / think when they see it?

  • Want people to feel the disruption, the change, that this model brings to library management technology. The ability to choose applications from multiple providers should really excite people. The idea of a 'Wordpress'-like platform or the concept of Amazon 'Alexa' with an ecosystem of apps should make the potential of FOLIO more real and concrete

4. what do we want to achieve with communicating it

  • We want to make the idea of choice and flexibility more concrete to people. 
  • We want to use imagery to showcase the FOLIO potential. 


Could someone provide some context for this Concept Showcase?  What is the end result?  Is it a blueprint for sharing Folio at conferences?  Is it going to be a webpage?  Is it going to be the basis for a webinar?