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User Research is a powerful decision making tool and can save development time. If you want to validate your design approach or gain a better understanding of users' expectations and workflows then add your request below. You will be contacted to further discuss your request and to get started. 

Available User Research Methods: remote moderated usability testing, remote unmoderated usability testing, surveys, card sorting, heuristic evaluation, literature review, and persona development.

Usability Testing Approach: Follow Jakob Nielsen and Steve Krug techniques. Testing a few users (5-7) will identify 80% of issues. And testing often will ensure you are developing an optimal user experience.

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User Research RequestKey Tasks to Test (optional to provide)RequesterStatus update

Check out as proxy - In the scenario when someone is borrowing on behalf of a sponsor, we display both the borrowing patron and the proxy's name on the left. Some SMEs thought it wasn't clear who the book was actually being checked out to. Kimie Kester proposed some minor UI changes in UX-104 which the RA SIG thought was an improvement, but we thought it would be helpful to do some usability testing.

Navigating between apps using browser for back - Initial usability testing against the universal navigation prototype suggested users wanted a "back" button within FOLIO. That said, the universal navigation prototype didn't actually support going back using the browser's back button. It would be nice to re-test on FOLIO itself which does support the browser back button. Do users still expect/need back functionality in FOLIO?
Inventory App v2 - Initial usability testing of the prototype, with the hierarchical information display of Instances > Holdings > Items - see latest UX iteration:
Charlotte WhittTBD - UXPROD-491 is planned as fix version Q2 2019

Codex Search - Initial usability testing of the app.

a) Navigation between All/Local/KB - does the user understand the terminology (help text is envisioned post-alpha), will the existing solution be scalable when having multiple KBs, and multiple Locals ... will add more here

Charlotte WhittDONE
Accessing Loan details from other than User record - If you check an item out, you can select "Loan details" from the actions menu (elipses) and that will take you to loan details. Loan Details is implemented as an overlay with a close X in the upper left. I was somewhat surprised to find that clicking that X closed the overlay and left me on the Loans page for the patron instead of back on the checkout page.
Cate Boerema (Deactivated)DONE
Breadcrumb navigation
FilipTBD - Script under review
Unsaved Changes Modal - This is triggered when a form is dirty and you click a navigational element in FOLIO or the browser back button (this is correct). BUT it also appears when you click on the X in the upper left of the create/edit forms which feels like overkill to me. I feel like, by clicking the X, I have indicated that I want to leave the page without saving (this is really the only way to do that right now) and here's folio nagging me about whether I want to save my changes... Maybe we should do some usability testing on this.

Create or edit a record (e.g. user or location), attempt to navigate away without saving by clicking:

  • browser back
  • navigational element to other app or page within folio
  • X in the upper left of the record

The Unsaved Changes Modal is currently triggered in all 3 of these scenarios. The main reason why we have implemented this (essentially forcing the user to save changes before they navigate away) is to avoid concurrency collisions that are likely if you leave a dirty record open for extended periods of time. When users are closing records via the X, the popup isn't needed to mitigate risk of collisions, so can we get rid of it?

Cate Boerema (Deactivated)Reviewing request

Khalilah Gambrell Can we add a column for a specific user task (or two) that accomplishes this goal?