2021-08-25 quickMARC subgroup


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Discussion Time

Time (mins)ItemNotes
5 minsDevelopment updates
25 minsMARC Holdings: Create vs. Derive Discussion 

Create: UIQM-132 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 Derive: UIQM-127 - Getting issue details... STATUS

10 mins

Sept 1st meeting homework

  • Homework > MARC Authority system updates and quickMARC validation rules 
  • Homework > Review Keyword Search MARC authority records requirements 

Wiki page - MARC Authority - System updates and quickMARC validation rules

Keyword Search MARC authority records requirements (see first tab https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Lu-JnQ6ie2VKAEL0co4qzjx-sgJxykoLWmJjm5KZHz4/edit#gid=315680781

Future meetings agenda items / Action items

  • Review Authority homework >Focus on #3,  #4 ,#10 (next meeting)
  • Review Kiwi Features 
  • Review Authority Search w/ Elastic Search POC 
  • MARC Holdings 
  • MARC in FOLIO features table: Update table to include JIRA links to provide more details. (KG)
  • MARC in FOLIO: Create a view that helps to answer this question - Can you implement today? (KG)