Holdings data/MARC mapping working group

Christie ThomasUniv. of ChicagoHead, Data Management
Natascha OwensUniv. of ChicagoCataloger, Serials/Continuing
Duke University

Assist Librarian at Metadata and Discovery Strategy
jdolivarezTexas A&M University

Assistant Professor. Serials Cataloging/Metadata Librarian
Ann KardosUniv. of Massachusetts AmherstMetadata
Jenn ColtCornell Metadata operations librarian
Texas A&M UniversityAssociate Professor, Cataloging. MM-SIG
Wayne SchneiderIndex
Index DataLibrarian. Senior Analyst. Product Owner Inventory

Ann-Marie Breaux (Deactivated)EBSCOWorkflow Services Product Management. Product Owner Data

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The work group was decided established at the MM-SIG meeting held on 10/12/2017


  • Review 'Holdings Metadata for Inventory', the work which Kathryn Harnish has started - see the wiki document Inventory Metadata Elements (alpha)
  • Identify necessary FOLIO metadata data elements for holdings data
  • Map FOLIO holdings data elements to MARC holdings fields.


We expect the working group would need to meet 2-3 times to complete the work.


Parking lot  (NEW)

Wayne's Marc to Inventory and Inventory to MARC mapping document  (NEW - beta updates & Holdings/MFHD & Chicago's mapping)

Inventory Beta Metadata Elements 

Misc. definitions, explanations, more input, suggestions etc.  - MM SIG use cases, there's a "Holdings use case" tab

Holdings records: MARC format vs Inventory Holdings email discussion:

Misc documents documenting work at each library. Documents uploaded to the google drive:

1) UChicago Service Blueprint - Cataloging - simple and complex relationships between records

2) Bound with issues at Duke

3) American Journal of Medicine - Example from UChicago

4) National Geographic - Example from UChicago

More documentations:

1) MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data, LOC

2) ANSI/NISO Z39.71 - Holdings Statements for Bibliographic Items