HRID handling

The HRID is the Human readable ID, and the alias for the UUID. The HRID is a FOLIO generated or migrated ID for the instance, holdings or item .

Setting up the libraries preferred use of Human Readable IDs (HRID) for instance, holdings and item is defined in Settings > Inventory > Instances, Holdings, Items:

The use of prefix is optional.

Changing the HRID handling requires special permission, and is normal something the library only do once, when migrating to FOLIO.

Once a library sets up their initial pattern for HRIDs, then in general, they should not be changing that setting. We've seen it lead to a mess in Bugfest, especially when someone changes the numbering to be less than the previous numbering. In retrospect, this probably should have just been an internal setting without a UI (or maybe a view-only of the current setting/highest number created), but I created the requirements for that page back in my early, less-experienced days of being a PO.

The display on the Settings page will stay fixed as defined by the initial start. The only way that it would be updated in the Setting UI is if a user manually adjusts it.

Tips: If a library want to to know what the highest current HRID is for an Inventory record type would be:

  • use a query to find the most recent Instance/Holdings/Item created - then add 1 to that HRID
  • Inventory search on HRID or filter by [record type] date created, find the most recent one - then add 1 to that HRID
  • Create a new Inventory record of whichever [record type} you're interested in, and then add 1 to the HRID you see in that new record.