Data Import

Data Import is the FOLIO app where users can import one or more records in batch to create various kinds of records in different FOLIO apps.

Data Import has two main pieces - the app, and the settings area. The app is where imports happen and logs can be reviewed. The settings area is where import rules can be created via 

Data Import settings overview

Data import settings allow a user to

  • configure the source and structure of the import files
  • map incoming records to existing records
  • configure the type of action to be taken on import, i.e. creation of new records, updating existing records, etc.
  • define a way to transform the data in addition to mapping data to particular fields, i.e. add a value to the information to the incoming record when importing such as a proxy

There are six areas of data import settings:

Video demonstrations

For videos illustrating various data import scenarios, please see Data Import videos. There is a spreadsheet at the top of the folder that describes the scenario depicted in each video. If you have suggestions for other scenarios, please contact Ann-Marie Breaux (Deactivated).

Reference documents

Job Profiles

The purpose of the Job Profile is to define the type of import at the highest level.

Elements include name, description, data type, match and/or action specified, tags, and associated jobs.

See Job profiles for more info and Data Import Profile Sharing for examples from the community.

screenshot of job profile location in settings

Match Profiles

The purpose of the Match Profile is to define the match between an incoming record and existing record. Match Profiles are associated with Job Profiles and can be used for multiple Job Profiles. 

See Match profiles for more.

screenshot of match profiles in settings

Action Profiles

The purpose of the Action Profile is to define specific actions to take on import with the incoming records and/or existing records. Field Mappings associated with action profiles must already exist.

See Action profiles for more.

screenshot of action profiles in settings

Field Mapping Profiles

The purpose of the Field Mapping Profile is to map fields of the incoming record to FOLIO according to the actions associated with that field mapping.

See Field mapping profiles for more.

screenshot of field mapping profiles in settings

File Extensions

The purpose of File Extensions is to configure which file formats are allowed for import and which are blocked and cannot be imported. If a file has an extension that is NOT in the list, the file can be uploaded and import can be attempted. If problems with the file structure or data, the import fails, and that is reflected in the Data import log. 

See File extensions for more.

screenshot of file extensions in settings

MARC Field Protection and Overriding field protections

See MARC Field Protections for more

Updating individual fields in MARC records

MARC updates on individual fields are done on existing records in FOLIO as part of data import.

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MARC Modifications

MARC modifications are applied on the record when it is being imported for creation of SRS / FOLIO records.

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