MARC Holdings

What is a holdings?

  • Represents the location - Where I can find the book?
  • Used by some library systems
  • Will be allowed in FOLIO, but not required
  • Only meaningful when paired with bibliographic data

MARC Holdings Example

LDR  00241cx  a2200109z  4500

001  2125586

004  1735560

005  20090322140157.0 

008  0005172u\\\\8\\\4001uu\\\0000000

014  1\$aAJC6081CU003

014  0\$9002122879

852  80$bnus$hVault 49 Sec.36 Drawer 8

MARC field

Data element


Holdings Control Number


Related Bib Record Control Number


Date/Time Stamp


Coded Data Elements


Linkage Number 


Physical Location Information


Electronic Location Information

What a library user sees  - (not related to above) 

FOLIO Requirements - Phase 1 - Store MARC Holdings record and Connect to Inventory Holdings record 

  • There are some FOLIO customers that will not create FOLIO (Source) Holdings record. Instead they expect to create/edit MARC (Source) Holdings records in FOLIO. 
  • Our work is to support those customers that prefer to create/edit MARC (Source) Holdings records in FOLIO. 
  •  Our work must start I believe in this order
    • Store MARC Holdings records to SRS (no UI)  (UXPROD-1575)
    • Then Connect SRS MARC holdings to Inventory holdings so that MARC is seen as the underlying source for the Inventory MARC holdings record (UXPROD-1575), (UXPROD-1448), (UXPROD-2858).
      • Align MARC Holdings to Inventory Mapping [See MARC Mappings Information]
      • Develop a CLI for mapping 
      • Ensure an Inventory Holdings record field that is mapped to a MARC field cannot be edited if Source = MARC. You can see this treatment in action if you Edit a Inventory instance record with Source = MARC 
    • Generate HRID for MARC holdings record (this might be a given) 
    • Must ensure that MARC bib record is connected to the MARC holdings record (MARC 004)

FOLIO Requirements - Phase 1 - ROUGH Mockups

Inventory app > Holdings record when Source = MARC

FOLIO Requirements - Phase 2 - Edit MARC Holdings via quickMARC and View Source (rough mockup display on your right)

  • We need to provide a quickMARC UI to allow a user to edit its library's MARC Holdings records
  • We need to support the ability for the user to View MARC Source

FOLIO Requirements - Phase 2 - ROUGH Mockups

Inventory app > Holdings Record > Actions menu

Inventory Holdings record - Actions dropdown

Edit MARC Holdings in quickMARC

Rough Mockup - Editing a MARC holdings record via quickMARC

View Source

View Source - MARC holdings (Rough mockup)

FOLIO Requirements - Phase 3 - Derive a new MARC Holdings via quickMARC and support moving a MARC holding to another MARC bib record 

  • Support ability to derive a new MARC holdings record via quickMARC. Similar behavior to what we did for derive a new MARC bib record BUT data import may not have extended capabilities to support importing MARC holdings by this time frame. 
  • Support ability to move a MARC holdings record to another MARC bib record. This functionality is currently supported for Inventory instance record. 
  • Handle delete MARC (Source) Holdings record. Currently you can delete a FOLIO (Source) Holdings record. 

FOLIO Requirements - Phase 4 - Export holdings via Inventory app

Rough mockup - Export MARC holdings