MARC Mappings Information

When the Source field of the Instance's is MARC, then most of the Instance's fields are controlled by the underlying MARC Bibliographic record, which is stored in Source Record Storage (SRS). The MARC Bib can be viewed from the Instance by selecting Actions/View source.

MARC mappings are used to make equivalencies between MARC information and applicable FOLIO Instance and Holdings fields.

Links to Mapping Documentation & Spreadsheets

Fields in the Instance Record Not Controlled by  the Underlying MARC Bibliographic Record

  • Suppress from discovery checkbox – this function is used to prevent the FOLIO Instance record from displaying in a local discovery layer. It is a non-MARC field that is stored with the MARC record in SRS. 
  • Staff suppress checkbox 
  • Previously held checkbox 
  • Cataloged date
  • Instance status
  • Statistical code
  • Administrative note
  • Nature of content
  • Instance relationships (Parent/child instances) – includes relationships for bound-with materials, monographic series and multipart monographs

Note that the Inventory Holdings and Inventory Item are not controlled by the underlying MARC Bibliographic record. Inventory Holdings and items can be created or updated via data on a MARC bibliographic record, but are not controlled/synchronized with MARC bibliographic records on an ongoing basis.