2022-11-30 ERM Weekly Delivery Update

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10:05am ET, 2:05pm UK, 3:05pm Germany


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Previously2022-11-23 ERM Weekly Delivery Update
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<5 minsIntroductions

Call Priorities

ERM-2470 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • still no clarification response from Reporter

Release Concerns:

Blocking Releases: 


 In Progress
  • ISSUE: 
    • Progress / Impediments: 
    • TODO: 
    • New unknowns: 
    • Help or input needed: 
    • ETA for review: 
  • What progress or impediment on previously stated actions?
  • What's left to do?
  • Any new unknowns?
  • What help or input is needed?
  • When expected to be ready for review?

In Progress

  • ERM-2417 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Progress / Impediments: 
      • Change made to remove results initially
    • TODO: 
      • Add message text
    • New unknowns / Help or input needed: NA
    • ETA for review: TODAY
  • ERM-2467 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Progress / Impediments: 
      • Looking for where file extension is set 
        • believed to be handled by browser
        • not handled by download.blob parameters
    • TODO: 
      • Verify whether specifying file extension in downloadBlob, per Slack example, is sufficient
    • New unknowns: NA
    • Help or input needed: NA
    • ETA for review: ?


    • Blocking conditions
    • Action needed
  • Are the blocking conditions still relevant? 
  • What action is needed to unblock, and by whom?

 Needs Elaboration
  • ISSUE: 
    • Who / When: 
    • ETA Ready for Dev: 
  • Who needs to be involved in the elaboration process? 
  • What is the timeframe for getting input?
  • When is the issue expected to be ready for development?

 Sprint Backlog

  • Who is picking up what next?
  • When is next issue expected to start / complete?
  • Anything needed to start next issue (dependencies or clarifications)?


  • ERM-2462 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • requires triage
    • unable to recreate due to bugfest environment
    • TODO: reduce count of e-resources needed from 100 to 25 for Nolana (ERM-2489)
      • won't fix the underlying issue, but may help ease problems
  • ERM-2469 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • ERM-2431 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Needs Elaboration

  • NA

Sprint Backlog - Next Up

ERM-2480 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Steve O working on this
  • Tenant bug resolved
    • Context: string templating going across tenants
  • Memory leak is still extant
    • happens when concurrent
  • Turning off string templating background task:
    • not clear that federated locking is definitely related, so removing this may not make a difference
    • would unblock ERM-2475 for QA
    • but could give a false impression of current status
  • Followuṗ contingency call scheduled for Thu 1 Dec 10am

ERM-2452 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ERM-2468 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-3904 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ERM-2481 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Claudia:
  • Ethan: 
    • ERM-2448 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • closed
  • Monireh:  ?
  • Peter:  ?

At Risk

  • What is now at risk of not being started this sprint?
  • Do any of these take priority over other sprint backlog items?

Sprint Backlog - to follow

  • NA

Sprint Backlog -  At Risk


In Review

  • Any impediments to review or QA?
  • Any useful context, implementation choices or limitations for the reviewer/tester to know ?

Code Review:

  • NA


Bugfix Cycle (Nolana)

Release Candidates

  • What has passed QA since last dev call?
  • What has been closed since last dev call?

For Release / Pending Testrails

  • Nolana: ERM-2475 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Needs to be pushed to Bugfest 
    • Delayed to avoid clash with ERM-2431

Closed: Morning Glory R2022.2 Hotfix

Stories / Bugs

  • ERM-2472 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • dependency release only (no ERM module release)
    • requires rebuild of environment

RTL / Tasks

  • NA

Release Tasks

Closed: Nolana R2022.3 Bugfix

Stories / Bugs

RTL / Tasks

  • NA

Release Tasks

  • NA


  • NA

Closed: Orchid R2023.1

Stories / Bugs

  • NA

RTL / Tasks

Closed (No ERM Release)

  • NA
  • <10 mins


New Issues

Added to sprint

Not added to sprint


Component Updates

  • Filter by electronics in Title Controller 
  • Regression from ERM-1850 / ERM-2443: Add Availability Scope
  • TO NOTE RE: Jobrunner and Federated Threads: 
    • whenever either is changed should test both string templating and federated tick and how they interact.

Release Planning

  • ERM-2480 - Getting issue details... STATUS currently blocking mod-agreements 5.3.x and 5.4.x release 


  • NA