2021-08-25 ERM Weekly Delivery Update

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9:15am ET, 2:15pm UK, 3:15pm Germany


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Previously2021-08-18 ERM Weekly Delivery Update
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  • Owen Stephens
  • Gill Osguthorpe
  • Claudia Malzer

Discussion items




<5 minsIntroductions

Previous Actions


5 mins

In Review

  • Any impediments to review or QA?
  • Any useful context, implementation choices or limitations for the reviewer/tester to know ?

Code Review: 


Rollover to Sprint 122 (no QA because of holidays)

Bugfix Cycle 

  • NA


  • What progress or impediment on previously stated actions?
  • What's left to do?
  • What help or input is needed?
  • When expected to be ready for review?

In Progress

  • ERM-1754 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Sprint planning notes
    • TODO:
      • finish and test SQL queries
      • design AgreementViewsSpec
    • to follow up with Ethan re AVS testing
  • ERM-1649 - Getting issue details... STATUS / ERM-1847 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • 2-step fix
      • 1847: to reported issue of job not completing
      • 1649: check why 2 identifiers are showing up,
        • handle or eliminate accordingly
        • update error logging
      • could be an ISSN handling issue or data error
    • no additional test/production data needed at this stage
    • fix expected this week
    • will not merge fix for 1847 until 1649 is addressed
  • ERM-1258 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • 1351 - FormPOLines.js
      • requires additional tests for initial values, as with 1350
      • want to be able to test for create and edit 
    • 1352 - Info.js 
      • indentation fixes only
      • expected for code review today
  • ERM-1288 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • not started yet


Sprint Backlog

  • Who is picking up what next?
  • When is next issue expected to start / complete?
  • Anything needed to start next issue (dependencies or clarifications)?

Needs Elaboration

  • Who needs to be involved in the elaboration process? 
  • What is the timeframe for getting input?
  • When is the issue expected to be ready for development?


  • Are the blocking conditions still relevant? 
  • What action is needed to unblock, and by whom?

Sprint Backlog - Next Up

  • ERM-1849 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • no obvious connection with agreements - needs further investigation
    • expected to have been introduced to beforeInsert changes in license controller made in 1731 is deactivated
    • value is not saved
    • within if (line146), add code as per Slack
  • ERM-1819 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Ian expecting to resolve this sprint

Sprint Backlog - to follow

  • ERM-1814 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • no changes to alpha yet
  • ERM-1816 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • no investigation done yet
    • expected to be backend issue re view file
  • ERM-1826 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Issue 1: cannot reproduce on Windows or Mac
    • Issue 2: functionality has been added recently causing issue
    • Issue 3: should just need a single autofocus prop - but this is expected behaviour
  • ERM-1825 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • different behaviour observed in Chrome on Mac vs PC
    • in which case, needs to be addressed by Stripes
    • Adi to check with John C

Needs Elaboration

  • NA


  • ERM-1787 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Feedback is that empty cells are sufficient and acceptable
    • should be straightforward to resolve for all areas that it is used within
    • could
      • add prop to stripes-erm-component with conditional to check if exists within MCL
      • pass prop from components where used

At Risk

  • What is now at risk of not being started this sprint?
  • Do any of these take priority over other sprint backlog items?

Sprint Backlog 

  • ERM-1799 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • ERM-506 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Release Candidates

  • What has passed QA since last dev call?
  • What has been closed since last dev call?


  • NA


<10 mins


New Issues

Added to sprint

Not added to sprint


  • ERM-1845 - Getting issue details... STATUS stub added to flesh out response option to PR pushback on STCOM-865 - Getting issue details... STATUS , which impacts ERM 1757-1761