2023-5-30 Bulk Edit Working Group Meeting Notes

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Magda Zacharska Amanda Ros Jennifer Eustis Scott Perry Christine Tobias  @Kimberly Smith Robert Scheier  Kimie Kester Monica Arnold Sara Colglazier Thomas Trutt @Kim Wiljanen

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Robert Scheier 

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  Development updates


 Poppy UAT

Test scenarios and test data  URL to the environment and credentials will be provided during the meeting.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:00:44
Hello everyone.

[Kimberly Smith (MTSU)] 10:00:49

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:00:50

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:00:53
Good morning.

[Scott Perry (UChicago)] 10:00:54

[Magda Zacharska] 10:00:59
Let me share my screen.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:01:04

[Magda Zacharska] 10:01:20
Can you see the list of, giraffes?

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:01:21

[Magda Zacharska] 10:01:23
Great. And I will add to the chat the link to. The end environment that we will be using today.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:01:54
So there is a link to the environment. This is the environment that is normally used by our QA engineer.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:02:04
To the testing, sprint testing. I created 3, 3, users, B, U one, B, U 2 and B U 3.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:02:17
. U. One has all permissions, all bucketed permission, user and inventory edit .

[Magda Zacharska] 10:02:26
2 has And if anyone is going to use this user, please make sure that they user does not have access to downloading user records from the log stable, tab.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:02:40
And the U 3 user has only, user, edit permissions.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:02:51
Before we go and start the, the, the page and as always please add your name to the

[Magda Zacharska] 10:03:07
Attendees list. The the link to test scenarios is in. And meeting notes. I will open this in your tab as well.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:03:21
So that we have. To the data and scenarios as we do. Justing.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:03:34
As always, the link to the development. Where all the snapshot in our test environment we have the latest code deployed and the data that is there is the same as in snaps in.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:03:55
My breakfast environment so that we have a little bit more. Data to experiment with. And I would like to spend a couple of minutes talking about the use, the issues that we found during the, user acceptance testing.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:04:13
For our kit. So as you see in the 4 of them are closed. The addressing user type is scheduled for a current spring sprint and it will be addressed today.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:04:30
Order alphabetically list of columns available. This is what we talk. I still owe you the, survey to send to the group to gather the.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:04:44
The feedback about possible order. And renaming the instance column, I think we will need to revisit this because the column actually does not have only a title.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:04:57
It has all the data that is instance. So, we'll see how the UAT goes today and maybe it will, come up with other issues that need to be I'm just, or, we can reduce those that are still, unresolved.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:05:24
Before we start, testing. Does anyone, wants to add something? Bring to the the group attention.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:05:46
If not, then I would like to ask for the volunteer who will be conducting the UET and sharing the screen with the group.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:05:56
I can give it a shot. I wasn't able to do it last time, but my computer seems more stable these days.

[Christine Tobias] 10:05:58

[Magda Zacharska] 10:05:58
Great. Thank you. Do you have, did you download the data? I have the

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:06:02

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:06:07
I, let's see, I didn't, let's, I have this, okay, the test data.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:06:12
No, I was looking at, at the scenarios list. So.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:06:19
So you need to download the, the test data. So that you can trigger. The.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:06:21

[Magda Zacharska] 10:06:26
The. Okay.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:06:26
Okay. Let me see.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:06:38
Oh, it says it's zipping the files. So now it's. It's downloading them.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:06:45
So. Let's see.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:06:51
I'm going to stop share so that you can show your screen.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:06:56
Alright, let me just finish getting.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:07:00
Okay, I think I have it now. So. Let me.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:07:10
Share my screen.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:07:14

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:07:18
Okay. Alright, can you all see?

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:07:24

[Magda Zacharska] 10:07:26
Yes, we can see the.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:07:28
Okay, it's a little bit, odd because the controls are on one screen. For Zoom and the What I'm sharing is on the other screen.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:07:41
So that seems a little, I've gotten so used to Microsoft Teams that sometimes I don't do well in Zoom anymore.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:07:47
Okay, let me go back to the chat. And okay, the U one.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:08:00

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:08:12
Okay, so.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:08:16
Alright, so going to bulk edit. And.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:08:24
Do let me pull up the folder that has Okay, what was the first? Okay, so 15 user barcodes.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:08:38
Okay, someone do user. And do. Sorry, I talk a lot. Myself when I'm doing stuff like this.

[scolglaz] 10:08:46
No, that's actually really helpful. I mean, I don't feel bad. It's that technique that user experience testing technique of a narration or something you should.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:08:51

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:09:06
Okay. I'm gonna start with the item barcode simply because I deal with item records.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:09:08
So let's see. I don't bar codes. And then click and drag.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:09:22
We don't see the browser, where you have the bulk edit open. Do you have it open?

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:09:25
Oh, I thought I was, that was the screen. Okay, let me. Try again because that was the screen that I felt that I was sharing.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:09:31
Okay. All right. Let me. Okay.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:09:37
Share screen. Is this better?

[Magda Zacharska] 10:09:44
Yes. Yeah.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:09:46
Okay, alright, sorry about that. You'd think as long as we've had been having to use Zoom that we I know how to use it by now after what has it been 3 plus years.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:09:54
Okay, so I'm gonna take the 25 item bar codes. Oh, white. I've got to select an identifier.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:10:04
Okay, and that's kinda nice that it doesn't let you drag and drop until you pick.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:10:11
The identifier that you're going to use.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:10:20
Okay, so.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:10:23
Where is the list of? Actions that We were going to be this this is what you wanted us to be doing, right?

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:10:32
Magda. Okay.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:10:39
Okay. Okay. Alright, I am going to drag this over to my other screen because you all can look at it on your own, but I want to be able to see.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:10:40
Yes, yes, but you need to go to the item, tab because you are on the user top.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:10:49
Let me go back to. But that way I can okay upload the file with our codes. Okay, so I was able to do that.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:11:01
Review the matching records on the screen. And. It's got the preview, so I'm going to assume that since there are no errors.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:11:17
Okay, change point. Change selected columns. So. I would probably want title and call number.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:11:27
Actually title is way too wide. For this experiment and item ID. Just changing a couple of them is fine.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:11:37
So, okay, so I'm able to do that.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:11:42

[Magda Zacharska] 10:11:46
Amanda, may I stop you here? You, you mentioned the title is to wide for this.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:11:47
Okay, let me go back.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:11:55
So the problem is that you need to scroll, right? Uhhuh.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:12:04
Yes, and I mean and the fact that it just takes so much off of you know I was able to see a several columns at once and now I'm only able to see.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:12:07
So if I reordered the columns and I'm not sure that I can do that, but if I reordered the columns, then probably if title was first.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:12:11
Huh. Huh.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:12:15

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:12:18
Then I wouldn't be able to see anything else without scrolling.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:12:29
So at this point, this is not supported to have the like moving columns around. But you think that would be useful to have.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:12:33

[Magda Zacharska] 10:12:36
That's option.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:12:37
I think so because some people have different even within an institution I think some people have different workflows.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:12:46
Or if they're working on something specific, they may. You know, it may be one time I need the HR IDs.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:12:57
Where I can see them and at another time, you know, I may need the call number and the barcode.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:13:04
That's more important to me. So. I would like to be able to. Reorganize them.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:13:12
To what I would need. And with the title, I mean, especially with the title, but I can see like with the call number and.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:13:22
Possibly some others depending on how how elaborate like a loan type or a location is, you know, resizing would be very valuable because like I can tell right now.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:13:40
That these titles. Are all the same, they're probably my guess is that their volumes in a multi volume set.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:13:49
But at least in the preview, they're all the same. So I wouldn't need this title column to be that wide.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:13:56
So personally. Those are 2 things I would like to see just from a workflow. Perspective.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:14:07
So in the In chat, I see. Also option, I mentioned on the wrapping. The title.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:14:16
That would that would be a good so there are 3 options that we are actually discussing. One is wrapping the title.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:14:18
Yeah, that would.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:14:29
Or like longer text, and this will be applicable for notes as well. The other one is manually letting the user resize the column with.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:14:41
So if not the whole with is needed. Then the user can make this change. And the third option, I think the most.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:14:56
Work intense would be to allow user to rearrange the columns in the order they would be interested.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:15:08
To have this plague.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:15:17
I mean, personally, I think in the grand scheme of things that reorganizing might be. The least.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:15:21
Needed and that, you know, if it's at least in the same. Order that Other things are in folio.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:15:30
You know, if there's consistency. With other apps or with what's expected, but, I'm not sure.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:15:41
I mean, I like both the ideas of resizing and wrapping. But, you know, if If it's gonna only wrap, then how wide is, you know, How, what is the, I can't think of the term, but the, what is going to be the set width of the column would be a concern

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:16:03
because, you know, if it's a really long title like this and it's only as wide as like former identifiers which I don't think it'd be that narrow, but that would make for a very long.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:16:16
So. So, you know, there had there would have to be a happy medium, I think.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:16:25
We will definitely talk about this a little bit more once I do some.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:16:32
Investigation on on my side.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:16:35

[Magda Zacharska] 10:16:37
Thank you. This was, this was great. You can uncheck the title if you want.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:16:41
Okay. Alright, so. Okay, so let's see. Change the selected columns, download and review matched records.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:16:54

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:16:59
Oh. Opening that up.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:17:16
Alright, so it. Seems to have. Download it all, 25. And not having previously looked at them.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:17:26
I'm going to assume that all the information is there and is. What was expected is. There.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:17:36
So. Click the start button.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:17:50
Click start bulk edit option and actions menu. I'm, I'm trying to do everything exactly is in the list.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:17:58
And open in at bulk edit page. Sure. Yeah.

[scolglaz] 10:17:59
Can we, could we go back to the previous week for a moment? So if I'm seeing correctly at the top it says in the slight gray at the top at the top there it says 25 right.

[scolglaz] 10:18:17
So bring it over here so I can see. Records match and then the file name is 25 but also at the top it says 25 records match right And but the preview is only ever going to be 10, correct?

[Magda Zacharska] 10:18:18
Records match.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:18:37
Until we have a feature in the backlog to display the entire. Record set, but for now, yes, it's only 10.

[scolglaz] 10:18:45
Okay, so.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:18:48
Okay, so if you wanted the 25 you you would have to download it. Okay.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:18:49

[scolglaz] 10:18:53
So that's fine. I had understood that but it's a little because we don't know like there's no numbering, there's no.

[scolglaz] 10:19:01
There's no indication that this is 10. Right, like you can count them off and you can say, oh, there's 10, but you have to kind of know that like if you just glance at this you might think oh it's 25.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:19:08

[Magda Zacharska] 10:19:12
Huh. Huh.

[scolglaz] 10:19:15
This just goes back to the whole wrapping thing again, right? If suddenly everything gets really.

[scolglaz] 10:19:22
Exploded. Due to wrapping or something like that. Like there's just this inconsistency again with what you're seeing as a preview versus what is kind of telling you as a number.

[scolglaz] 10:19:33
Versus, you know, I don't know, I just find it very.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:19:41
So the reason

[scolglaz] 10:19:42
I guess it's too late to have any kind of numbering, but. I still think that it would be nice to have then to say preview of record match, 10 showing or something like that just makes it really clear that you're not seeing everything.

[scolglaz] 10:19:55
And how many you're seeing.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:19:56
Okay. Okay, that makes sense. So. In a name of the accordion.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:20:04
You have preview of much of record. And you would like to add, extended to mention.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:20:15
Top 10 displayed? Or what would be the.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:20:21
First, I would say first 10. Top 10 makes me think of, you know, like. Records you know the top 10 movies of all time or you know the top favorite records of your love.

[scolglaz] 10:20:23
Yeah, not top first.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:20:31

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:20:35
This is what folio thinks is happening. Yeah, I I would go with first.

[scolglaz] 10:20:39

[Magda Zacharska] 10:20:42
Hmm. Kristen, okay. So for

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:20:44
Is it possible? Is it possible to say? 10 of 25.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:20:53
First then of 25. The records displayed.

[scolglaz] 10:20:54
Whatever the number is. Yeah.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:20:55
And however many number.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:20:55

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:21:02
Yeah, of the, you know, to have the number of the total. You don't say 10 of whatever, 10 of 25 in this case.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:21:09
So the preview will be pre the accordion, a name would be preview of matched record, sorry, preview of a record march.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:21:21
Dot or period. And then the next sentence first. 10 of 25 records displayed. Period.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:21:34
Is this

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:21:43
I don't think you need first, just say a preview of records match, then it may be in parentheses.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:21:43

[Magda Zacharska] 10:21:44

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:21:46
See what others think.

[Mark Arnold] 10:21:50
You might wanna say showing 10 of 25.

[Mark Arnold] 10:21:56
Had a word there to explain it.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:22:01
So we are not talking about first time. First or top or just stating that this .

[Magda Zacharska] 10:22:10
It is displaying that first 10 from the list of identifiers. And that was used to figure the bucket.

[Christine Tobias] 10:22:19

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:22:23
I mean, I get what Bob is saying, but also. I mean it does say 25 records matched.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:22:27
So I don't know. I don't know enough about the back end to know if it would be too complex at this point to say like.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:22:37
Showing 10 of. 1,000 records. Are showing 10 of 35 records. And, you know, I don't know if it would be.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:22:50
Yes, it is. This is the goal to make it more informative. So there will be

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:22:58
Right, but how much back end work would it? Require for the Okay.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:22:59
I don't think so. We only we only have the data because we have the data to populate the label on top.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:23:10

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:23:12
Yeah, so yeah, that would, you know, something. Like that, you know, like saying showing 10 of 25.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:23:24
Jennifer has a good, a good verbiage there in chat.

[Jennifer Eustis] 10:23:25
Yeah, I was just thinking of using what we already have. So, and just, you know, right now it has preview of record match.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:23:29
Huh, huh.

[Jennifer Eustis] 10:23:35
And what if we just say previewing like 10 of 25 records matched. Yeah.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:23:39

[Magda Zacharska] 10:23:48
That's great. Thank you. And Sarah, would that make your life, easier?

[scolglaz] 10:23:53
Yeah, I mean, it the verbiage doesn't matter just that it's clear that you're only seeing.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:24:01
The subset of. Okay.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:24:15

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:24:19
Shall I carry on? Okay. Okay, click start, bulk edit. And open in a bulk edit page.

[Christine Tobias] 10:24:23

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:24:31

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:24:36
And. Suppress items from Discovery.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:24:48

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:24:53
And. Add.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:24:59
Remote location.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:25:14
I'm just picking one.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:25:17
Okay, that works. Only option so that we'll go with that.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:25:23

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:25:26
Or did you want me to do all of these in one or do people want me to?

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:25:33

[Magda Zacharska] 10:25:36
It's up to you, whatever, the group, would like to see.

[Christine Tobias] 10:25:37

[Magda Zacharska] 10:25:40

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:25:40
Well, I'll try to in the first 3 and see.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:25:46
How it goes and then Okay, so confirm changes.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:25:57
25 records will be changed. That's what I expected.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:26:08
Should we also change the verbiage here on the preview of the record preview records to be changed?

[Magda Zacharska] 10:26:08
To make it previewing 10 off. The records to be changed.

[Jennifer Eustis] 10:26:15
Yeah, I was just for consistency. Alright.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:26:16
Hi. Yeah, that's exactly what I was gonna say. I, whatever we do, I'd like to see it consistent.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:26:24

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:26:27
Okay, so commit the changes.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:26:33
We have unknown. And.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:26:41
Big, maybe I didn't have suppressed. And. Would I have had to have suppressed?

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:26:50
Showing. As a column.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:26:59
You should suppress from discovery.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:27:00
Okay, so.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:27:03
So even though Okay, let me let me phrase this correctly. Okay, so if I wanted to see what actions I was doing then I'd need to make sure that I had those columns select.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:27:24
I'm glad that I can do it after the fact. Because if I couldn't do it after the fact that I might be sitting here wondering.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:27:32
Because I had not selected suppressed from. Prior to making the changes as a column to be shown.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:27:45
So that's just something good for me to know because it might be too much to ask.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:27:51
If you make a change in the column isn't showing. Could the results. Screen that says that They've been successfully changed or not.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:28:05
Could it force? Showing the columns that were affected. Even if I hadn't selected it. Does that make sense?

[Magda Zacharska] 10:28:13
And I. Yes, it does and I think it will also make sense to enforce the same behavior for the are you sure form, right?

[Magda Zacharska] 10:28:23
Because when you are under your sure form before you committed the changes, you would like to see that as well.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:28:31
Yes, so I would like to force for showing a column. That is affected by the proposed. Changes.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:28:42
And the preview message has to be, consistent here as well.

[scolglaz] 10:28:42

[Magda Zacharska] 10:28:48
Yes. Huh.

[scolglaz] 10:28:51
And so. I understand that we're, changing items here and so We should kind of assume that.

[scolglaz] 10:29:00
Everything pertains to the item, but all the columns don't pertain to the item, like the title obviously does not come from the item, right?

[scolglaz] 10:29:08
If we choose either.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:29:20
It, it is when you look at the data base and all the films that you hear see here are coming from the, item record infoio.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:29:24
The item record in inventory copies copies some of the data from other of from other records. We are not making any changes.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:29:36
If you check the and the record itself, it contains the title. I can, let me find the link.

[scolglaz] 10:29:54
Oh, okay. I know that it's at the very top, right? It displays in the header.

[scolglaz] 10:29:54
I guess, where it was going with this is the suppressed from discovery. I was just wondering if we could make it more obvious that we really mean the item in this case and not the holdings and not the instance.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:30:11
You are on the item record level.

[scolglaz] 10:30:13
Yeah, so I guess I just yeah, never mind.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:30:22
Okay, so. Download.

[Jennifer Eustis] 10:30:26
I just got a quick question. So Let's say because we did 3 3 actions right So let's say, you know, the first item was already suppressed from discovery, but it did the other 2 changes and then maybe, you know, the second item was already a status unknown.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:30:28

[Jennifer Eustis] 10:30:47
So. Would. How would so basically

[Jennifer Eustis] 10:30:55
Like not all 3 actions were done on every single record. You know, that's what I'm thinking.

[Jennifer Eustis] 10:31:02
How would that appear? Would you have the preview? So would it count like? Because the changes to the status and I forget the other one.

[Jennifer Eustis] 10:31:14

[Magda Zacharska] 10:31:20
So you would have another accordion below and I think we talk about this at some point that the warnings and errors are being displayed in the same accordion.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:31:25
What you would have if let's say, the first, record. Was already suppressed, but the status was different.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:31:35
Then it would count it as an update because you change the, mmm, the suppression flag.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:31:45
But it would be. Also listed in the error accordion with the message, no change in value needed.

[Jennifer Eustis] 10:32:05
Okay, yeah, that's what I thought. I just, needed that reminder. Thank you so much, Maga.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:32:05
Is it expected or is this confusing?

[Jennifer Eustis] 10:32:08
Well, it makes sense to me because there was an update, but there was also not an update because You know, we're asking it to do multiple actions.

[Jennifer Eustis] 10:32:18
So if one action. Is it done then I guess you know because the what we're trying to do is already present, then, you know, that having a warning makes sense.

[Jennifer Eustis] 10:32:32
But that's just me. So I don't know if that's confusing for others.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:32:47
I don't feel strongly one way or the other. I mean, yes, I can see where it would be useful, but at the end of the day, As long as the changes that I want are made.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:33:01
You know, that's the most important thing. So I mean, I I can go either way.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:33:08
I just don't feel too strongly about it.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:33:20
To make it changes in this behavior right now, oh, it's definitely too late for, the current release.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:33:22
Eventually when we start doing the working on the, There will be a change in the behavior of the are you sure form this is the confirmation the screen before you submit the changes because this is when the errors will be shown.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:33:42
So maybe then we can have a further conversation about how you want to handle errors and learning.

[scolglaz] 10:34:03
Just sorry, I've understood correctly, sorry. So the ear won't if I'm doing 3 different.

[scolglaz] 10:34:11
Changes to a set of items and for all of them I change number one is applicable. And, but for changes 2 and 3, not all of them.

[scolglaz] 10:34:26
Are going to be changed because they may already contain the value that I'm changing to. And so those are going to show up as errors.

[scolglaz] 10:34:36
Is my understanding correctly?

[Magda Zacharska] 10:34:51
Yes, there will be another, another, accordion with errors. And it will display the value of the, it This will be debated in this case and it will stated no.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:34:56
Change in value needed. We can maybe we can do this exercise. And, Amanda, if you don't mind taking the, the barcode of the first, item.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:35:17
If you copy the, it's on your screen. And the fourth, fifth column.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:35:22
Oh, okay. All right.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:35:24
If you copy this. If we navigate to inventory. And if we change this to be unsuppressed.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:35:29
Alright, and then.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:35:41
And if we unsuppress it.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:35:51
If you save it and close. And then if you navigate back to the bulk edit, don't make any changes.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:35:54

[Magda Zacharska] 10:35:59
Navigate to bug edit. And do the same, provide the same list of barcodes and we will change the value for them to.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:36:10

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:36:12

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:36:18
Over here. On the right tab.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:36:32

[Magda Zacharska] 10:36:37
So we see the first one is, I'm suppressed. If you go to, if you do the bug edit.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:36:43
And make the, yes, and make it false.

[scolglaz] 10:36:54
Can we add another? Can we add something that will change for all of them? Additionally, so that we have the 2 2 things.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:37:02
Oh, okay, okay. So we can take the status, right? Because all of them have the same status.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:37:03
Okay, alright.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:37:08

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:37:11
Let's make a missing.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:37:18
The calls missing. And changes.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:37:36
And this is not what I expect. I expected. I expected to have another.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:37:45
Another. According. Yeah.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:37:50
You expected to have something else down here with errors.

[Jennifer Eustis] 10:37:52
And I think it does this in, so you get like the warning.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:37:58
Can we, can we do this one more time with the same, But change.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:38:09
What if I do it? What if I do it with the 1000 wait, no, that's 100 user barcodes.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:38:09
Oh But I mean, if I do it with a hundred items, maybe.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:38:20

[Magda Zacharska] 10:38:22
And this we need to make sure one of the records has a different value. We, we may try to do the holdings.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:38:24
I wouldn't start the, I would change the value in the inventory first.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:38:27
Okay. Yes. Let's see. So.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:38:45
And the right now if we do this, we will get the.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:38:47
Well, I'm gonna I'm gonna get out of it. I'm gonna start a new one

[Magda Zacharska] 10:38:49
Okay, because right now if we did it you would get

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:38:52
Oops. What?

[Magda Zacharska] 10:38:54

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:39:00
I haven't seen that before.

[scolglaz] 10:39:02
Aren't you lucky? I get that all the time.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:39:07

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:39:07
Seems very familiar to me. Okay.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:39:08
In. In inventory, are you getting this in inventory?

[scolglaz] 10:39:14
Inventory orders. Okay.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:39:27
Well, confession, I don't have enough. Well, right now I'm especially working on staff evaluations, but.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:39:27
I don't have as much time to catalog as I would like to do. Supervising 9 catalogers.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:39:36
So, let's see. Okay, barcode. What shall we change?

[Magda Zacharska] 10:39:58
I think the easiest, quickest thing is to do the suppression. And actually I would like us to do 2 things.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:40:00

[Magda Zacharska] 10:40:02
Save it. Close it and navigate it back to bug edit, but continue. Don't reload the file.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:40:03

[Magda Zacharska] 10:40:14
Oh, Oh, that seems to think. Okay.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:40:16
Oh, it went away.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:40:22
I didn't close it, but I think it went away. I mean, I, I don't think I closed it.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:40:29
Was the fact that I navigate, let's see, okay. Wait, I need to put the.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:40:32
It should persist. Yeah.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:40:34

[Magda Zacharska] 10:40:36
So we will us.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:40:46
So one is.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:40:55
I just want to try because I think I was here because I said that I would close it out. I think that when I went to inventory And then made changes and went back to bulk at it.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:41:00
Oh, okay. Well, okay. Maybe I did change it, close it somehow.

[scolglaz] 10:41:04
I think it was that something went wrong thing. It wipes everything. It just takes you back to just as it says, it's gonna return you to the landing page and it makes you lose everything you've just done.

[scolglaz] 10:41:17
So this happens to me, it's very frustrating.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:41:19
Okay, so. Alright, so just to recreate it, if I go back to the record and I save the suppress from Discovery.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:41:31
Just as an exercise and go back to, well, it's still there. Okay.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:41:44
Yeah, I think this is very likely that the error may have reset everything.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:41:46
Okay, alright. Okay, so I'm suppressing it. Okay, so and going back to bulk at it.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:41:53
Okay. Yes.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:41:53
Amanda? I think they do not have the 101 for the 100 file open last time where you took the bar code number from.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:42:06
Is the barcode in this a set of 25? Cause I think you took it from the larger file, though.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:42:12
No, I think she did.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:42:13
Okay, from this one? Okay.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:42:14
I, I talked about it. But I don't.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:42:17
Okay. Just.

[scolglaz] 10:42:17
No, the second one is the true is I think is it. Yeah, I think this is the one that you just changed.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:42:22

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:42:24
Okay. Okay. Alright, so.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:42:32
Start bulk at it.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:42:35
And yes. And make it through.

[scolglaz] 10:42:48
But wait, can we have a second thing too? So yeah.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:42:51

[Christine Tobias] 10:43:00

[scolglaz] 10:43:00
Okay. Yeah.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:43:03
I would actually like to see if this setting, does the second, I think, change the expected behavior.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:43:04
I just want to see, I just want to see if this, if we get the

[Magda Zacharska] 10:43:14
Yeah, so this is the.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:43:16
Okay, there you go. That's what you were expecting, Magna.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:43:18
Yeah, this is what I expecting. I was expecting. So it looks like if we change 2 2 fields and one field is, updated.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:43:30
And the other is not. Then you are we are not getting the errors stating that no changing value but we if we are updating only one.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:43:42
Field and the field has already the value we are intending to change then you see this. Yeah.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:43:54
I do like the fact that it does say. The number of records that were changed and how many errors.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:44:05
Kimberly has her hand raised.

[Kimberly Smith (MTSU)] 10:44:07
I was just gonna ask, I see that you're dropping a file in there that has, you know, identified inventory already.

[Kimberly Smith (MTSU)] 10:44:17
Is there a point at which during this edit that you're able to say, I want them all changed except for these 2 records, for example.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:44:35
This functionality right now is not supported. If you don't want the records to be updated, you need to remove.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:44:36
The identifiers. From, from the list. Of the records you are submitting.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:44:44
We, we have in the backlog the option of selecting grow. Once we have a capacity to display all matching records.

[Kimberly Smith (MTSU)] 10:44:44

[Magda Zacharska] 10:44:55
We, will, implement the option of, checkboxes so you can select rows but this is not in place right now.

[Kimberly Smith (MTSU)] 10:45:07
Okay, thank you.

[scolglaz] 10:45:09
Mark that to go back to this difference in behavior though depending on if there's just one action or multiple actions that are being taken, book edit actions.

[scolglaz] 10:45:22
I think that I mean. I feel that is a little confusing.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:45:30
So what would, what would be, your preferred behavior?

[scolglaz] 10:45:34
I mean. I would say that the For me, the preferred behavior would be that each error would be listed and it would be specific to the thing that it was applicable to, right?

[scolglaz] 10:45:48
So if you, for example, had, let's say one record where the suppress from discovery was the error for which that was the error, it should specify that and then.

[scolglaz] 10:46:00
The other error would be that we had also changed the status. And it had already been missing and so it didn't get changed from unknown to missing, right?

[scolglaz] 10:46:12
So it would need to say that it was this other thing had the error because of that, not just listing.

[scolglaz] 10:46:19
2 records had errors and not saying. Pertaining to which field or which.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:46:29
Is it only doing this because we were only making one? Edit or So if I go back to inventory, cause now they're all.

[scolglaz] 10:46:31

[Magda Zacharska] 10:46:32
Yes. Huh. So.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:46:37
So to suppress from discovery. So if I go back. And.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:46:48
I'm surprise it.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:46:49
Unsuppress it. And close it. And then if I go back to the list. And choose another one.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:47:06
And say Go back to inventory. . That one

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:47:22
And. Let's change the status.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:47:38
You know, it's one of those things when you're looking for something. Okay, the status is

[scolglaz] 10:47:39
Okay. Yeah, you can't do it there. You have to do it from the action thing.

[scolglaz] 10:47:45
So you might, missing might not be easy to change, right? You might have to check it in, for example.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:47:50
Oh, that's, yeah, okay, that's right.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:47:53
Right. Okay, well that one is missing. So. Are the.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:48:00
Okay. Alright.

[scolglaz] 10:48:02
Yeah, just take the barcode and check it in and then that will change the status. Whatever.

[scolglaz] 10:48:04
If the.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:48:06
Access denied.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:48:13
Yeah, because you have limited, permissions. And I gave you the, limited permissions, so obviously you don't have all the circulation permissions that, that I needed right now.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:48:13

[Magda Zacharska] 10:48:21
You can, log out, and

[scolglaz] 10:48:29
Oh, why don't we do this? Is they're all booked, right? So let's just change one of them to And let me know.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:48:31
We don't support this change in.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:48:31

[scolglaz] 10:48:32
Oh, okay. Sorry. Never mind.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:48:36
We, we can change the location, looking.

[Kimberly Smith (MTSU)] 10:48:37
Yeah, change the location.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:48:40
Okay, let's change the location. Alright.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:48:41
Our loan type, our loan type, you see they don't have long types, you can change the long type.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:48:48
Okay. So where was I? Cheerial time.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:48:58
Permanent loan type. Let's just change it to whatever. And say save and close. Okay, so actually let's.

[scolglaz] 10:49:16
Change it to something that you'll remember because you'll have to. Yeah. Yeah.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:49:17
That's that's why I started to so we're gonna go with what's at the top of the list.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:49:20
We're gonna go with 10 years.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:49:22
And use is good.

[scolglaz] 10:49:23

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:49:24
Okay. Yeah, I called myself Sarah, cause that's Yeah. Okay, so going back to bulk at it.

[scolglaz] 10:49:27
Yeah. Okay.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:49:33
And doing a new bulk at it. And barcode. And taking my trusty little 25 barcodes.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:49:50
I can't remember, did I suppress it or Right. Okay. Oh, okay, it's false.

[scolglaz] 10:49:54
I'll tell you. Yeah.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:49:58
Okay, so. Actions. Start bulk at it. Select options.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:50:08
And. So press from Discovery, set to false. And then. Permanent location.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:50:21
No, it's long time, but, okay. 10 years. And just go.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:50:21
A long time.

[scolglaz] 10:50:27
10 years.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:50:29
Okay, alright. Confirm changes.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:50:35

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:50:44

[Magda Zacharska] 10:50:48
Yeah, because the reason Oh, it didn't show them at all.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:50:52
It didn't show any errors.

[scolglaz] 10:50:56
Right, because all of them got changed. In one way. Yeah.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:50:59
Somehow. Okay.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:51:05
But it should mention the one. Stating that

[Magda Zacharska] 10:51:11
No value and the value change needed because one the record, the one that we had had was already suppressed from Discovery and already has this permanent love, long type set.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:51:23
I will, file the GR for this.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:51:28
I wonder if it's a timing thing because things can take a bit of time in.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:51:38
Oh, what do you mean timing, you think?

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:51:38
The time that it takes to update the record between when you made the change and when it gets updated.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:51:50

[Magda Zacharska] 10:51:53
No, this should, doesn't, it shouldn't take that long. You should be.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:51:55
No, no, I don't think this is the case.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:51:58

[scolglaz] 10:52:03
But Mark, though, I, I think we changed 2 different barcodes. So there being no errors is.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:52:04

[Magda Zacharska] 10:52:09

[scolglaz] 10:52:09
I mean, it's not ideal, right, again, but it is expected as far as how it's behaving because all of them got updated.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:52:19
I understand what you're saying.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:52:24
I, I will double check with this. I will play with this a little bit. And more. And I, I think we will come back to how the, no changes in value.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:52:36
I need to be handled.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:52:42
Yeah, I was just looking to see if. There was a indication. But there's not and the.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:52:49
The downloaded file.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:52:57
So actually what you can do, if you go to logs, can you go back to the

[Magda Zacharska] 10:53:00
And if you select items. And completed.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:53:09
Right, where am I? Oh.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:53:10
Yes, I'm completed.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:53:14
So you see this 25 the last job if you go to actions

[Magda Zacharska] 10:53:23
And click on the 3 dots that you have under actions. You see this on the files. This is the file that was used to trigger the bucket.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:53:25
Oh, okay.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:53:31
So if you download this, you will get this 25 records. The next one is file with matching records.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:53:40
Those, those will be the file before the updates. So if you download this.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:53:52
And open the file.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:54:09
So you see there is one record on top that is false. Any system? Oh, okay. So this was one record.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:54:13
Had the It was. Unsuppressed and the other record has the 10 years. That's why we had all, updated.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:54:22

[scolglaz] 10:54:30

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:54:32
So what you're saying, I'm assuming. That you're going to say next is.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:54:35
That this one or my assumption is that with the file would be updated records, will that show. The things weren't changed.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:54:55
No, this the the last one. Is the list. Of the records after the update. So here you will see all were.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:55:05

[Magda Zacharska] 10:55:10
Suppressed from discovery? And all should have 10 years policy.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:55:20

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:55:24
Yep, we ain't never getting those 25 books back if we loan them for 10 years.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:55:24
Yeah. So, and especially the all of them are missing, right? So.

[scolglaz] 10:55:26

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:55:27

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:55:31
Yes. I probably know which out of there's probably 5 professors that we could name. Okay.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:55:37
Yeah. So, if we go back to the logs, I just want to make sure we all have, understanding of what those records.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:55:46

[Magda Zacharska] 10:55:49
Those all fields are because I do believe they are valuable. In troubleshooting. The first one is the file that is used to trigger the bug edit.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:56:04
So this is the file that you drag with the, with the record identifiers. The next one, the file with the matching records, though this is the file with the records that match the submitted list.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:56:19
Before and the changes. Were committed. So this is the state of the database before. And the buck edit happens.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:56:33
The next one, the preview. So this is the preview your, this is the list of records that you have displayed on the Are You Shore form?

[Magda Zacharska] 10:56:44
Before any changes are committed to the database. If and they are you sure form you click cancel instead of commit changes you will only have those 3 files.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:56:58
The matching the the the files to trigger the market, the matching record and proposed changes. You will not have the last one.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:57:07
The last one, file contains all the records that were updated.

[scolglaz] 10:57:15
Mark, a quick question. So, I would anticipate that the first one has only the barcodes if that's what we're uploading as an identifier.

[scolglaz] 10:57:23
That's it. And that the third one would be just as we saw it on the screen. So showing the columns that we chose to show.

[scolglaz] 10:57:32
Do the other 2, number 2 and number 4 contain all. All columns, all things rows, whatever.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:57:42
Oh thing. Yes.

[scolglaz] 10:57:43
Right. Okay, so that's great. That's what I would hope that I wouldn't have to decide beforehand what to include.

[scolglaz] 10:57:50
It's just everything. Okay, thank you.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:57:54
You get the entire record.

[scolglaz] 10:57:55
Okay, thank you.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:57:56
Yeah, cause this was the one that we just did. And. Yeah, it.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:58:01
Definitely has.

[scolglaz] 10:58:02

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:58:07
More fields.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:58:07
So when I look at the. Matched records.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:58:15
File that the permanent loan type did not get updated to 1010 years.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:58:30
Because matched is this, those are the records before the update.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:58:33
Right, but remember we changed one of them to 10 years.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:58:37
It should have one, it should show 1 10.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:58:40
It doesn't. So that's what I was saying. I don't think it got updated.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:58:43
Are you sure you're looking at the same?

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:58:45
I'm looking at the, I'm looking at the matched records, 25 item barcodes.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:58:50
So can you? Much. From what we were looking at, I believe I saw, 1 10 records because I was able to determine that.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:58:52
Let me.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:59:03

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:59:07
Okay, so we've got we've got the false one here. Which I know is not the question.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:59:09

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:59:10
Okay, yes, it is here. See, 10 years.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:59:17
Right here.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:59:18
Oh, what am I looking at? I don't know.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:59:20

[Magda Zacharska] 10:59:26
There were 3 jobs, there were 3 jobs that we did and in the last one we changed the.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:59:30
I'm looking at the Okay, I'm looking at the 1050. End at 1050.

[Bob Scheier (Holy Cross)] 10:59:36
But. I see you have the right one so I don't know when I'm looking at the wrong one I guess.

[Ros, Amanda L] 10:59:37
Right, where am I?

[Magda Zacharska] 10:59:48
So we have 1 min left. I don't think we will be able to do anything else. I believe this for me it was very informative.

[Magda Zacharska] 10:59:53
Thank you very much. The environment will be available until the end of tomorrow. So please feel free to.

[Magda Zacharska] 11:00:04
Play with this. And among the, can you update the spreadsheet with the column with the group exercise with your findings.

[Ros, Amanda L] 11:00:16

[Magda Zacharska] 11:00:17
So and I will create the GA for the issues we discussed today.

[Magda Zacharska] 11:00:31
Do you have any suggestions before we and the meeting.

[scolglaz] 11:00:36
No, I don't have suggestions, but I really like this meeting. This was really, really helpful to me.

[Magda Zacharska] 11:00:47
It was very helpful to me as well. Thank you all and talk to you in 2 weeks. Bye.

[Jennifer Eustis] 11:00:48
Thank you.

[Ros, Amanda L] 11:00:50
Alright, bye everybody.

5Chat10:01:52 From Magda Zacharska to Everyone:
    bu1/bu1 - all permissions
    bu2/bu2 - inventory only (with this user please verify that user cannot download user records from the Logs tab)
    bu3/bu3 - users only
10:12:28 From Thomas Trutt to Everyone:
    Is it possible to wrap the title? Make it multiple lines?
10:13:05 From Bob Scheier (Holy Cross) to Everyone:
    If no wrap I may want to put the title at end
10:13:11 From wiljanen to Everyone:
    +1 Thomas
10:14:03 From Kimie (Keemee) Kester to Everyone:
    Yes! I wish the title could wrap. Not sure why it doesn’t.
10:14:27 From Kimie (Keemee) Kester to Everyone:
    Seems like a CSS issue and downfall of the MCL
10:15:10 From scolglaz to Everyone:
    My first choice would be being able to resize
10:15:37 From Jennifer Eustis to Everyone:
    Resizing or wrapping would be great
10:15:52 From Bob Scheier (Holy Cross) to Everyone:
10:16:27 From scolglaz to Everyone:
    Right, wrapping can also be problematic
10:17:05 From Thomas Trutt to Everyone:
    For it to warp you may have to change the table field type to a fixed width. Not bad but it may have to be a change applied to all fields in the table.
10:21:58 From Jennifer Eustis to Everyone:
    +1 Mark
10:22:51 From Jennifer Eustis to Everyone:
    or Previewing 10 of 25 records matched
10:26:11 From scolglaz to Everyone:
    Yes, please
10:59:40 From Thomas Trutt to Everyone:
    Sorry I need to run — another meeting..
11:00:12 From Scott Perry (UChicago) to Everyone:
    As do I