2023-02-08 quickMARC subgroup



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  • MG authority record migration complete for Mich State test environment 
  • KG discussed improvements to performance will be addressed over several releases
Development updatesKhalilah
Original cataloging requirements review Christine

PPT slide deck


  • Concerns about blank 008 positions with no dropdown help
  • Conceptually, using the 001 for the local authority control number seems fine, but see analysis needed below
  • Need the ability to define multiple local authority sources, ex use cases:
    • Consortia
    • Records unique to specific departments (like archives or law libraries)
    • Records created locally vs records received from a vendor (see analysis needed below)

Additional analysis needed on implications concerning:

    • Two types of local authorities:
      • Authority records created, managed, and maintained by the institution
      • Authority records created by another source to which the institution has made local edits
    • Data import 001 handling; where currently the 001 is moved to the 035 and then an HRID is created
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Future meetings agenda items / Action items

  • quickMARC - change to entering subfields (UX?/POC?) - Discuss next steps
  • quickMARC Error Handling overview
  • MARC in FOLIO features table: Update table to include JIRA links to provide more details. (KG)
  • MARC in FOLIO: Create a view that helps to answer this question - Can you implement today? (KG)