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The work group was decided established at the MM-SIG meeting held on 22/2/2018 (focus on Advanced search).

Changed scope:

  1. Search enhancement
    1. Slide deck
    2. Search enhancement filter in jira:

      type key summary assignee reporter priority status resolution created updated due

  2. Ability to search any field / subfield in instance metadata record, holding and item records - UXPROD-140

  3. Advanced search (later)


The group will provide feed back, changes, suggestions, improvements etc. 


We expect the working group would need to meet 2-3 times to complete the work.


  1. Search Patterns Discussion (Discuss post by Kimie Ou Yang)


First WG meeting: 3/14/2018 at 9-11 AM EST (link to the recording)

    1. Introduction by Filip
    2. Kimie presented her initial work on

1.Search with the Boolean operator


3.Multiple sources selection


c) The group will provide real life examples for Kimie to work on for the next meeting. The examples can be screen dumps from existing ILSes. Examples can be uploaded to the new subfolder called Advanced Search in the MM-SIG folder on Google drive.

MM-SIG meeting 6/6/2019:


  1. Status: 

               Slide deck - Inventory Search enhancement requirements - MM SIG WG 6_6_19

       2. To do 

                Review spreadsheet (WIP) - Search (UXPROD-140) Inventory Beta - Metadata Elements

       3. Plan work

Workgroup meeting 6/13/2019:


  1. Search-test 'fest' (log user search expectations)
  2. Review spreadsheet (WIP) - Search (UXPROD-140) Inventory Beta - Metadata Elements

  3. Review document (WIP) - Ability to search any element in Inventory (instance, holdings and item records) - UXPROD-140

Search and Sort session at F2F meeting in Washington 6/18/2019:

  1. Search-test 'fest' (log user search expectations)