Open Questions

  1. Consider mapping changes to save disk space (doc_values disabling on mapping can save disk space, norms disabling on mapping can save disk space, Index disabling on mapping can save disk space, Ignore_above in mapping)

  2. Disable dynamic mapping?

  3. Disable date detection?

  4. Prefix query possible for a right wildcard (is it used currently in the mod-search? it could possibly improve performance for wildcard type search) 

  5. Why are we sending messages using prepareAndSendContributorEvents while indexing instance records ?

  6. Is the Kafka consumer configured to auto commit ?

  7. What exactly is the list of searchable fields in the instance index in OS?
  8. Why are we caching index names? Avoid writing code that offers little value
  9. Why are we getting distinct items in getInstanceResourceEvents?

  10. How do we install the icu analyzer plugin? opensearch-plugin install analysis-icu

  11. Sheer amount code to generate mapping is complex

  12. Is possible using terms lookup: Terms query | Elasticsearch Guide [8.6] | Elastic to fetch contributors from browse results 
  13. Investigate possibility to populate subjects, contributors indexes while reindex with combination of Transform and Ingest APIs