Documentation Working Group Roles

Documentation Editor/Manager: Responsible for content creation, including organization of content, consistency of writing approach, and adherence to the selected style guide.  Responsible for many of the technical aspects of creating and maintaining the docs.folio site (including adaptation of the template for branding and usability, and not including hosting aspects). Responsible for managing the process of content creation, working with community members to iterate on drafts until finalization and publication. Responsible for ongoing maintenance of content to ensure accuracy as new versions are released. 

Documentation Working Group Members: Members of the group are responsible for ensuring that content is written and reviewed by Subject Matter Experts from relevant Special Interest Groups (SIG). In some cases, the working group members write content, and in other cases, they work with the Editor or a Writer to inform and review content. 

Product Council Liaison: member appointed to provide guidance and advocate on behalf of the Documentation Working Group to the PC, broader community as appropriate. Support the Documentation Editor/Manager by collaboratively developing agenda.

Subject Matter Experts: In some cases, Subject Matter Experts are responsible for writing content, and in other cases they inform and review content.  Subject Matter Experts are asked to review content based on the recommendations of the Documentation Working Group.

Interns: The FOLIO project has had the benefit of working with three interns from Missouri State University.  These interns helped write content for the Finance, Invoices, and Receiving apps.  The project has also worked with a student at San Jose State University to produce some initial instructional design content.

Technical Support Personnel: Responsible for technical support for the documentation site, the documentation GitHub repository, and the JIRA documentation project.  Role currently performed by Peter Murray.