Basic workflow in Google Drive for creating and editing documentation

The original mechanism for collaboration on content creation was via Google docs.  The shared Google drive that holds all drafts is located here:

Eventually the goal is to move all documentation contributions directly to Github (Basic Workflow in Github for Updating Existing Documentation) to reduce steps and potential for error.

Writers who are using Google Drive should create a folder in that drive (if not already created) and a Google doc for each page they are editing, and make changes in the drive.

Once content has been finalized, the content must be converted to markdown language and pushed to GitHub.  The Documentation Editor creates a branch on GitHub to hold the working files needed.  Next, the content is converted into markdown format.  This conversion is currently done via a Google docs to Markdown browser extension.  Once the initial conversion is done, manual cleanup of the content is necessary to fix bolding issues and to manually add links to other topics within the docs.folio site.  When the files are ready, the Documentation Editor creates a pull request and merges the changes into the GitHub repository. Once the changes are merged, the updated content is reflected on the live site.