2024-01-18 Reporting SIG Meeting notes









Arthur AguileraUniversity of Colorado, BoulderxEliana LimaFenway Library Organization
xSharon BeltaineCornell University
Eric LuhrsLehigh University

Erin BlockUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
Lisa McCollLehigh University

Kathleen Moore
xLinda MillerCornell University

Shannon BurkeTexas A&M
Nassib NassarIndex Data

Suzette CanedaStanford UniversityxElena O'MalleyEmerson
xDung-Lan ChenSkidmore College
Tod OlsonUniversity of Chicago

Lloyd ChittendenMarmotxJean PajerekCornell University

Tim DannayMount Holyoke College
Kimberly PamplinTexas A&M University 

Axel DoerrerUniversity MainzxScott PerryUniversity of Chicago

Shelley DoljackStanford University
Natalya PikulikCornell University

Stefan DombekLeipzig University
Emily SanfordMichigan State University

Jennifer EustisU. Massachusetts Amherst / Five CollegexBob ScheierHoly Cross

Lynne ForsWellesley College
Vandana ShahCornell University

Lisa FurubottenTexas A&M
Linnea ShiehStanford University

Alissa HafeleStanford University
Susie SkowronekOakland University

Kara HartWellesley College
Kimberly SmithMiddle Tennessee State University
xCorrie HutchinsonIndex Data
Clare SpitzerStanford University

Jamie JesanisWellesley College
Amelia SuttonU. Massachusetts
xJeanette KalchikStanford University
Simona TabacaruTexas A&M

Harry KaplanianEbsco
Huey-Ning Tan

Stanford University

xTim KiserMichigan State University
Vitus TangStanford University
xKevin KishimotoStanford UniversityxIrina TrapidoStanford University

Ingolf Kusshbz
Catherine TuohyEmmanuel College

Alexander LaoStanford UniversityxPatrick WaiteU. Mass Amherst

Joanne LearyCornell University
Joseph MolloySpokane Public Library

Christie ThomasUniversity of Chicago

Discussion Items




Attendance & NotesScott

Attendance & Notes

  • Today's attendance-taker: Linda (or substitute)
  • Today's note-takers:  Team Leads for project updates

Product CouncilJennifer

On Jan. 18, 2024 from 10-11am EST, there is a Tri-Council meeting that will discuss the number of releases per year, what outcomes we want from WOLFCon, how to make FOLIO attractive for new institutions. For details, see 2024-01-18 Tri-Council Meeting. I encourage you to attend this meeting.



Impacts of New Fields and Features (Sharon)

FOLIO Analytics Update

  • Poppy and FOLIO Analytics 1.7 were both released in December.

Metadb Update

  • see important bug announcement for Metadb
  • https://github.com/metadb-project/metadb/issues/58
  • from Nassib: It is recommend that users not rely on transformed tables that are generated from any table containing more than one jsonb column. The most likely fix for this bug in the short term is that such transformed tables will be removed.
  • (from Tod) There should be a way to interrogate the Postgresql schemata to find out which tables have more than one JSONB column
    • can use the `information_schema.columns` view
  • Only one table known so far re: #58: folio_entities_links.instance_authority_linking_rule

Upcoming meeting topics (tentative)

  • Reporting Documentation Update for Poppy (January) 
  • Metadb version 1.2 release overview (February)

Any new members?

  • Welcome/introductions

How to find our latest recordings

SIG Recruitment

We will need to be recruiting for a variety of roles in the coming months. Please consider whether you would be interested. Reach out to Scott Perry  or Sharon Beltaine with any questions.

  • Representative for the Documentation Working Group
  • Query developers - possibly from Index Data?
  • FOLIO Analytics Review Board 

Reporting Documentation Update for Poppy

Sharon or Alex

Sharon or Alex will walk us through the most recent updates made for Poppy to the Reporting section of the FOLIO documentation site by the Reporting SIG Documentation subgroup (Eliana, Alex, and Sharon). 

Meeting time and frequency discussion

Scott, Sharon

Proposed Revised Structure

In the interest of reducing the current number of reporting meetings and some other consolidation efforts, we propose changing the structure for reporting meetings and work as follows:

  • ACQ/ERM and RA/UM/MM report development groups merge into Metadb FOLIO User Group. Reporting SIG meetings would have regular time for lab work for workshopping query questions.
  • Metadb FOLIO User Group, through Nassib’s continued leadership, will be used to work on folio-analytics development in preparation for each FOLIO (flower) software release, will cover new reporting methods and features, will replace the Query Review Board, etc. This meeting would also have regular time for lab work for workshopping query questions. This meeting could be combined with other projects at some point (e.g., Reshare). 
  • Reporting SIG meetings would be consolidated to meeting twice per month at 11am ET on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. Reporting SIG meetings would continue to cover ongoing topics of interest to the reporting community. Reporting SIG meetings would also have regular time for lab work for workshopping general query questions. 
  • The D-Reporting development group would continue meeting as a separate report development group. 

New Metadb Section added to Folio Analytics Wiki

Scott, Sharon

A review of Stefan's newest addition to our documentation on FOLIO Analytics: under the General section, he has added a cookbook on how to query data from Metadb using SQL. 

Recurring Items (Updated weekly, but not always discussed in meeting)

Review of In-Progress Projects (Recurring)
Review the release notes for FOLIO Analytics, LDP, LDLite, LDP Reporting App, ldpmarc, Metadb Projects (Recurring)
Updates and Query Demonstrations from Various Reporting Related Groups and Efforts Projects (Recurring)Community & Coordination, Reporting Subgroup Leads

Project updates

Reporting development is using small subgroups to address priorities and complete work on report queries.  Each week, these groups will share reports/queries with the Reporting SIG.  Reporting development team leads are encouraged to enter a summary of their work group activities below.

MM/RA/UM Working Group

ERM Working Group

  • Current topic
    • Reporting for the FOLIO App Open Access and Agreements+external KBs
  • Meetings are bi-weekly on tuesdays 11am ET alternating with ACQ Working Group

ACQ Working Group

Reporting SIG Documentation Subgroup

  • Orchid documentation is live on https://docs.folio.org/docs/
  • Poppy documentation is in development
  • Additional Context
    • The Reporting SIG has representation on the Documentation Working Group, which is building end-user documentation for https://docs.folio.org/docs/ (mostly linking to existing documentation over on GitHub)

D-A-CH Working Group (D-Reporting)

  • Ongoing topics
    • Onboarding training
    • DBS statistics
      • JIRA-Issues, Rpt-Clusters
      • Gap analysis to statistic codes, user counts etc.
      • Identifying functions that we need for statistics in Germany but are not yet implemented in FOLIO
  • Meetings
    • Next meeting will be at 20th, Nov
    • Contact Stefan Dombek if you would like to get a calendar invitation

Product Council

For all recent work on FOLIO Reporting SQL development: