FOLIO Product Council Sub Group on the Re-Architecting's Impact on the Product Council (Tri-Council)


This PC sub group is at looking at the impact on the Product Council from the re-architecting proposal or vision that was presented by Vince at WOLFCon 2023. How can we position the Product Council to lead or help the community through the non-technical aspects of the discussion and eventual action plan?

Tentative Membership

Owen Stephens

Brooks Travis

Charlotte Whitt

Jesse Koennecke - convener

Meeting Monday - 8:30-9:30 Eastern - September 11-October 16

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Topic: FOLIO Re-Architecting's Impact on the Product Council

Time: Sep 18, 2023 08:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

        Every week on Mon, until Oct 16, 2023, 5 occurrence(s)

        Sep 18, 2023 08:30 AM

        Sep 25, 2023 08:30 AM

        Oct 2, 2023 08:30 AM

        Oct 9, 2023 08:30 AM

        Oct 16, 2023 08:30 AM

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Meeting notes from the tri-council meeting on 8/25/2023: 

  • How do we advance the architectural reworking that Vince/Tod and others discussed. How is this broken up?
    • Larger architectural roadmap and the part of refactoring and redrawing the microservices boundaries
    • We need to capture details, get it down on paper and get it reviewed. Formalize the formalization of the architecture
    • Strong governance implications
    • PC is interested in engaging with process to understand implications and make sure it works for the product
    • Large communication issue: how should the community engage with the change
    • This work will define what a “product” is, so what will be managed by the PC?
    • Is an App in Vince's paper the same as an App that a SIG would think of? PC very interested in this issue and the implications
    • Working together will help us find a common point of reference
    • Platform may be a second phase
    • There is a strong architectural cases, questions are in the community/product sides
    • Adopting this architecture does not force us to change our processes, but enables us to change our processes
    • Maybe TC can provide a report with “these are potential questions that this shift might raise”--gather from all of the councils
    • Applications is the first step, then “platforms”
    • Political, practical, and technical process
    • Can we construct a managed process to speed this up, not slow it down
    • Clear need for an RFC process
    • Clear need for add’l process to discuss / address additional questions on related domains
    • Would be useful to get an authoritative “package” of info and questions ASAP to address knowledge/ information gaps
    • Craig will pull together a list of relevant presentations and highlight items that are important
    • Technical Architecture Evolution
      • Applications 
      • Platforms
      • Authentication / Security 
    • We will do Applications First
  • TriCouncil meeting in ~6 weeks 
    • Thursday, October 12 at 6:30 AM PT (PC meeting slot)
    • 90 min
    • Tricouncil Chairs will distributes the Zoom link 
  • Owen volunteers to help with managing PC-related threads
  • We need the generation of a plan, and then the management of that plan to follow through
    • This will require some allocation of development effort for the creation of Application Manager as well as changes to existing code
    • Time frame: 6-8 weeks for first steps