Proposed vision(s) for future FOLIO builds

This page is a work in progress.

==> Read on to find out what this PC-subgroup has been up to. <==

The conversations

A network of conversations, that will coalesce into (a) vision(s): (currently a screenshot until I figure out how to do this with wiki tools)

The concept

What do I want to achieve?

Parking lot of topics/ questions / to-dos

  • Is our only goal of the desired future state to encourage more contribution to FOLIO from organisations?
  • Dependencies between modules and apps, "if mods are dependent upon each other, then they should be merged"; "apps should be independant" (but how can you use Check out if Check out doesn't check Users and Inventory and other places?)
  • Difference between contributors (devs, POs, etc.) that are driven by the interests of their financiers vs. people that the Community can assign work to (CC 25 Oct '22)
  • Kernel/ Distro model in discussion around Tom's feedback (CC 25 Oct '22)

List of stakeholders and their stakes

Library staffWant to accomplish their work smoothly.
Library hosting (provider)Want FOLIO to be easy to deploy.
DeveloperWants stories to be written properly.