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Allow checkout when externalUserId is provided and password is not required

bugdone 2020


Elastic Search


The community has had a plan to leverage code provided by Shanghai team and adjust it to cover all the needed business logic. 


SPIKE: Investigate mod-circulation memory leaks (Goldenrod)


Sha Jiang reported that there was garbage collection so there is no memory leaking.

Dev Worklist (Shanghai FSJ Co., Ltd )

Reported Issues

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Check-out performance

Slack#circulation-redesignwork with CP and CF


Goldenrod Okapi CPU usage 17x more than Fameflower Okapi

SHL will skip Goldenrod.

SHL's requirements:

  • 8,000,000-15,000,000 users
  • 40,000,000 collection
  • 400 concurrent requests
  • 3,000 circulation points
  • 80,000,000-100,000,000 annual circulation, including borrowing, returning and renewal
  • Each borrowing or returning should be completed in less than 500ms. (Response time in LAN)

Folio on mobile devices

Created UXPROD-2611

FOLIO | Tablets | Responsive UX

Type: feature


Khalilah Gambrell reported that the following can be tested on 1.) Invalid dates displayed on Checkout/Checkin 2.) Textfield updates including the clear button working 3.) New/Edit Fee/Fine > Charge and Pay now or Charge only 4.) Toast notification display 5)Columns cut off, 6) Ellipsis dropdown causing an error and displaying an tooltip over the dropdown.

Things can't be corrected soon: 1.) Open/Closed Loans column selector dropdown and 2.) Export csv

Created  STRIPES-693 

SPIKE: folio on tablet and iPad

Type: bug


Code can be tested on

John reported that the dropdown, Datepickers and Textfield (clear) issues had been solved. SHL tested dropdown and submitted new report of problem. 

Khalilah Gambrell

Created STRIPES-716 for Settings and STRIPES-729 for Users

Folio on iPad



Discussed in the meetings between Shanghai vs. Vince

Epic/Features in Jira: UXPROD-47

Batch Importer (Bib/Acq) 

Type: Epic

Analysis complete

Data Import Next Iteration

New design for data import will be released Q3 2020.

Add staff id (UUID) to the database

Created UXPROD-2495

Future Fees/Fines: Add staff member id to the fees/fines 'action' record for statistics reporting

Type: Feature

Can be closed

Staff id is a combination of letters, numbers, dash, underscore, and Chinese characters (in special cases) at SHL.

This is for statistical purposes. It's not necessary for the UUID to display on the frontend.

Marc Johnson confirmed that the standard metadata object contained those properties. 

createdByUserId and updatedByUserId

Access token expiration

Discussed in the meetings between Shanghai vs. Vince.

FOLIO-2524 Security Audit raised issues. Type: Umbrella

FOLIO-2556 SPIKE: investigate refresh tokens support in FOLIO. Type: Task

MODAT-64 Enforce access token expiration. Type: Story

FOLIO-2524 Open

FOLIO-2556 Blocked

MODAT-64 open

Shanghai team's temporary alternative plan is to take the timestamp from the payload and make the token expire. This needs to modify mod-authtoken so that it will check the timestamp.

The downside will be losing the benefit of the work around mod-authtoken, for example, the performance issue.

Vince confirmed with Craig McNally that the overall effort related to authentication redesign, which includes this and also Refresh Token Implementation, had been postponed because of other higher priorities by the Core Platform team.

User self-registration and default permission sets

Discussed in the meetings between Shanghai vs. Vince.

There are no current plans for implementing this. It can be a nice independent companion web application for Folio (i.e. sits outside of Folio) and can benefit other adopters.
System will go down when out of memory.

Discussed in the meetings between Shanghai vs. Vince.

Memory leak issues in Jira

Q2 2020 Hotfix 3

Jira MODFEE-93

MODFEE-93 in the Q2 2020 Hotfix 3 might help. SHL is upgrading and will provide feedback.

Add price to item record

Charlotte Whitt

UXPROD-1607: Refined Display of Acquisition data in Holdings and Item records (long term solution).Type: Feature

UIIN-255Item Record. Accordion Acquisitions. Implement more elements and reorder data. Type: Story

Holly Mistlebauer 

UXPROD-2245: Future Fees/Fines: Add option to get Actual Cost for lost item from order.Type: Feature

UXPROD-1607 in progress

UIIN-255 open

UXPROD-2245 open

SHL wants to add the price field to inventory.

It will support some circ-related functions. For example, when an item is lost or damaged, users need to check the price. The fine will be calculated based on the item price.

It will also be used for statistical purpose, i.e., to get the total cost of the library collection.

Remove limit in settings and add navigation

Discussed in the meetings between Shanghai vs. Vince.

Created STRIPES-704. Type: Bug


A temporary solution on plan is to redo the interface managing circulation rules, locations and service points.

The temporary solution is done. The team can demo if the community is interested in looking into it.

User importDiscussed in the meetings between Shanghai vs. Vince.

1. Time-consuming
copy to database: 3.6s

It was stuck when importing 20K users using user-import.

2. Environment
cpu: i5
memory: 16G
JDK: jdk11.0.9_11
okapi: 2.34
mod-user-import: 3.2.1

SHL tested user import in two ways: one used user import API and the other - copied data directly to database. The second way was almost a hundred times faster.

Vince will pass the feedback to the team/PO that is responsible for the performance of that tool and then see if they're going to improve it or what the plans are.

Item status can't be customized.

Created ticket in Jira: MODINVSTOR-653: Provide flexibility for defining item status type: Story


linked to UXPROD-1535

Reached out to Charlotte Whitt , PO temporarily in charge of inventory.

Vince will bring this issue to the community.

To support data migration and collection management (shelving, reservation, etc.), item status needs to be added to inventory.

Problem with stripes-acq-components-2.3.0

Reported to #Development and #Support

Concurrent Check-outs via Self-check do not check for patron item limits

Created ticket in Jira:


Link to UXPROD-3515


Root cause diagnosed. Ready for development.

UXPROD-3515 was not prioritized in the community. However, a proposed solution has been designed. If the Benevolence team is willing to implement the design and give it back to the community, an EPAM solution architect can help review the code to make sure it’s acceptable by folio.

Check-out performance

Scheduled meetings to diagnose the problem.

Meeting Notes (May 31, 2022)

Meeting Notes (May 24, 2022)

Other Issues Discussed

Jira#People Involved in CommunicationsRelated DocumentsNotes

Shelving time


Recently returned

Type: Feature

One possible solution might be to create a separate feature. 
Circulation log

Demoed in Sprint Review 96-97, 98-99


Dennis Bridges

UXPROD-194 -Checkin Maintenance

UXPROD-2373 - Allow display of piece on holding record

UXPROD-190 - Create/Renew orders in FOLIO from EBSCONET

Charlotte Whitt

UXPROD-1241 - Analytical records; bound with - part 2: link multiple bibs to the same item

configurable display of columns

Charlotte Whitt

UXPROD-2663 - Inventory. Tenant settings for item list in the top of the instance record

Survey_ Order of columns i Inventory result list (UXPROD-1634 and more).pptx

Two surveys were taken.

gathering logs into ELK (or ELK-like stack) from K8S clusters

There is one case of gathering logs into ELK (or ELK-like stack) from K8S clusters. This is with the “scratch dev” environments. A log aggregation stack was set up which consists of ElasticSearch + Filebeat + Kibana. It is created utilizing Helm charts from for each component. There are other Helm charts that include Fluentd as the aggregator instead of Filebeat. Additionally, there were a couple of customizations to provide GitHub OAUTH2 for authentication and to provide a Lifecycle Index Policy (to rotate the log indexes). Vince is looking to locate the actual charts that are being used there and will share more info later.

standard log format


Sha Jiang



Folio logging solution
There is no standard format for the logs. The project whose purpose was to create a standard for the log formats and also to implement a Elasticsearch, Fluentd, and Kibana (EFK) stack for reporting and collecting logs was blocked. There is no particular solution to how to aggregate the logs in the community. The Shanghai team should implement what they need to meet deadlines for collecting logs.
Technical Environment & Infrastructure at SHL

Kubernetes and Rancher

Communications on Slack#folio-shanghai
Folio IPv6 compatibilityFOLIO-2955 SPIKE: Folio IPv6 compatibility

Okapi's security solutions

Topics covered:

Okapi port 9140

Circuit breaker pattern

Database connections in Okapi Discovery

See meeting notes 1/26/2021 for details.


Reached out to Julian Ladisch to get suggestions with tuning queries.
Group users

Mobile libraries and school libraries need to check out 3000 to 10000 items. The response time is too long when over 100 items were checked out. 

See meeting notes 2/9/2021

Training materials


Slack #CC, #PC, #PO, #development

Training videos (might be dated) updating the videos and/or creating new materials for recruiting potential developers and training onboarding developers.
Chinese UI of the Snapshot environmentSTSMACOM-633: EditableList renders an untranslated `actions` column header




Some English words in the Chinese UI of the Snapshot environment don't show up in the untranslated list of Lokalise.