Planning Process Retrospective

Your nameYour institutionWhat went well?What could be improved up?Other comments
Marie WidigsonChalmersWe really liked the overview the spreadsheet provided! Also we liked to have to prioritize among all important features, as well as to see how other have prioritized. Very transparent. Holly's made a great job clarifying the process, reminding us of the voting and compiling the results.Some UXPRODs are hard to understand. Some seems to be duplicates, or very near duplicates.Some non-fancy but very necessary back end work may not get the points it deserves, e.g GDPR-issues.
Brooks TravisMSU
Too many features–need to come up with a smaller set.

The top two features are actually Umbrellas, which aren't even planned yet and impact multiple teams. 
Jay Campbell

Some features are very narrow and others broad–the broad ones can be difficult to figure out.
From FOLIO Implementer Meeting

Consider developer capacity so it's more realistic.
From FOLIO Implementer Meeting

This is a list of what the community needs–the community has spoken so we should listen.
From FOLIO Implementer Meeting

Should Umbrella UXPRODs be included?  They include multiple features so of course they ended up on the top of the list.
Tom WilsonAlabamaIt was a good exercise to focus us on sequencing the important items.

Tom WilsonAlabama

Umbrella issues need to be included because the community then has an opportunity to indicate the importance relative to time. It can help focus our work, even it if is hard or not yet well-defined.
Bob ScheierHoly Cross

I think FOLIO needs to be reviewed for MVP features to see what is missing that never got done before MVP was released; import, export, bulk edit, these are all basic to any viable system.

Jenn Colt

I wonder about tying this to the calendar (ie, once a year prioritization review) rather than a specific release, since an exercise like this is unlikely to return a rational result for release planning but does seem to accurately return big picture priorities.