2021-06-18 Meeting notes




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Minute TakerJesse Lambertson


Future of RM SIG proposal and discussion

Kristin Martin

Based on discussions with current and potential RM SIG conveners and current subgroup conveners, the structure of the RM SIG remains problematic. While the main RM SIG meetings have been a mainstay of the project, they no longer have a strong sense of direction. The current convener, Kristin Martin, will be stepping down, and other members are not comfortable leading a group where they don’t really understand the purpose or the charge. Under the revised structure from March, the ERM Group operates mostly independently, with self-contained weekly meetings and membership, while the Acquisitions Group operates with two weekly meetings that are more likely to feed into or duplicate the weekly Friday RM SIG meeting. Originally, the Acquisitions Group was formed to be a closed small group to help move quickly through detailed acquisitions topics that could then be brought back to the RM SIG for further refinement. The ERM Group, as a larger and open group, operated independently outside of occasional reports to the RM SIG. After membership to the Acquisitions Group opened up this spring, the Acquisitions Group and RM SIG often are discussing similar issues, resulting in duplicate discussions and work. Additionally, the PO for Acquisitions can be called upon to build agendas for three weekly meetings on top of other responsibilities. Positive characteristics of the meeting include that the RM SIG meeting does reach an overlapping but different audience from the Acquisitions Group, and provides some more general context and connection for the FOLIO project as a whole. The Friday meeting is also an opportunity for connections between RM and ERM to be made. 

As such, we propose the following changes:

  • The Electronic Resources Management Group becomes a high-level SIG reporting directly to the Product Council.
    • Wednesday 8 AM ET meetings continue
    • Martina Schildt and Martina Tumulla, as members of the Product Council, can serve as liaisons to the PC and attend SIG convener meetings
    • Martina and Martina will also continue to serve on the App Interaction SIG (of which Martina S. is convener)
  • The Resource Management SIG and Acquisitions Group merge to form the Acquisitions SIG.
    • Tuesdays at 1:00-2:00 PM ET
    • Every other Friday 9:00-10:00 AM ET (starting June 25)
    • Kristin Martin steps down as convener
    • Susan Martin and Heather Theole continue as co-conveners
    • Martina will provide updates for SIG convener meetings with the PC, and Kristin can continue to serve as liaison as needed.
    • Susan and Heather will continue to serve on the App Interaction SIG
    • We hope the alternating times between afternoon and morning Eastern Time will allow for partners from across time zones to participate, and that fewer weekly meetings will actually allow for more advance planning and efficient meeting use.
  • Elevate the OA Group to its own SIG, as recommended by Björn Muschall and Owen Stephens
    • Reports for could be crossed over to Friday morning meeting as appropriate



  • Confusion about the group's subgroups (like the acquisitions small group)
    • but that group has expanded a lot
  • ERM group was s subgroup was a little different
    • it was always a little more independent
  • Open access is being proposed as its own SIG
  • Suggestions:
    • Acq SIG
    • ERM SIG
  • Does RM SIG contribute anything new as a layer, or no (this is the question)
    • proposal: ERM, ACQ SIG (formed from ACQ small group and RM SIG), OA SIG (see the notes above)
    • switching some times around (no more RM SIG time every friday fro 1.5 hours, but rather would be every other friday for an hour as the newly formed ACQ SIG (startig next week)
    • FROM CHAT (The advantage for me is that I’d be able to join an Acq SIG meeting regularly which is difficult for me with the current timing)
    • from chat (With the overlap between Acq and ERM and the new OA group I think that will be a big benefit)
    • Does RM SIG act as ERM update vehicle for any?
    • Owen suggests he might do a key ERM update to send out to help...
    • from chat (I would like that - a general ERM recorded update)
    • maybe increased use of slack channels, including a new ACQ channel
    • ERM slack channel seems more distinct
    • Julie B (I support this proposed approach to merge RM SIG and Acquisitions Group - thanks for taking the time to consider this shift.)
    • Maybe renaming RM to ACQ Channels 
      • deprecating the RM SIG to give time to move over
    • Hoping for more voices speaking
    • still good report to follow friday meetings (even though they are early)
    • From chat (If Acq was using the Friday slot only every other week, we could potentially have an “RM Update” meeting in an empty slot (under the new structure). That could be fortnightly or monthly)
    • contrast between POs looking ahead and implementers looking at the now
    • Acknowledges this is an agile project - one comment is that there are so many people and so many directions being thrown in the mix 
    • from chat (I think the other challenge as we increase implementers is that we have sites who are implementers, the service providers who are supporting them, and the app POs and developers who are working on new features - and different implementers have different kinds of relationships with the community and the delivery teams)
    • from chat (Owen, would it make sense for the Acquisitions meetings to work on current functionality and work toward future releases as we’ve been doing, and have the every-other week RM meetings be a time for those who’ve gone live and feel comfortable to talk about their experience and to say what is working and what is not working (in positive terms).?  …not a fully fleshed out thought.)
    • if we give up this time, it may be hard to recover, so it might be good to keep the scheduled item on the calendar...
    • from chat (think having regular slots for that to happen is a good idea - we do this in ERM (frequent rather than regular) and they are incredibly valuable IMO / / )
    • from chat (In another SIG there is a tentative meeting scheduled that can be released or used as needed, but keeps it on the calendar. // )

    • from chat (We have to accept that those presentations take time to prepare though - for that to work we need multiple implementers willing to talk about their implementation  But there’s been some good ideas shared on the Slack channel as well In terms of “how are you implementing …”)
    • ideas:
      • keep the friday meeting weekly, cancel if nothing is ready
      • better to keep the meeting how it is (to keep the time and the structure)
      • or every other firiday (yes, this is the current floating idea)
      • from chat (And maybe we could set a date in a few months to check-in on how this new structure is working to tweak if needed?)
      • lots of +1s to this idea
      • Quarterly checkin?
      • keep this hour on your schedule, even though it may be tentative
      • Susan and Heather would co-convene this ACQ SIG
      • this change would need to fall in sync with the sprint timings (which means, it starts next week)
      • full steam ahead >>>
  • question from Dennis re: ERM agenda
    • thinking about the Kiwi release
    • we talked about juniper plans

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