How to test data migration performance on Rancher

This article will help you run your data migration on a disposable environment with a production-like dataset. Note that following steps are based on the assumption that your migration is implemented as a part of module's Tenant API.

1) Build a disposable performance testing environment following steps outlined in this article.

2) Build and upgrade your backend module from branch which you want to test as described here.

3) Enable your module in Okapi as usual:

  • Register your Module Descriptor in Okapi:
POST /_/proxy/modules
  "id": "mod-awesome-1.0.0",
  • Register Deployment Descriptor:
POST /_/discovery/modules
  "instId": "mod-awesome-1.0.0",
  "srvcId": "mod-awesome-1.0.0",
  "url": "http://mod-awesome"
  • Enable module for tenant:
POST /_/proxy/tenants/fs09000000/install
    "id": "mod-awesome-1.0.0",
    "action": "enable"

Okapi will call module's Tenant API thereby triggering your migration process. From here you can measure its performance as you see fit.