[DRAFT] New Rancher env


  • Build with parameters:

    • Select release version: ptfi-iris-2 or bis-1-v2 (latest: ptf-iris-2-2021-07-08).
    • Select team name: Folijet
    • Select pause time 1..8 (Waiting time before destroy env (hours)).
    • Build (around 1h).

PreUsage steps:

  • Apps → mod-data-import-converter-storage → upgrade the module without changing anything


Additional info:

Release version means a version of dbsnapshot from Amazon. For example: the version "ptf-iris-2-2021-07-08" contains data that imported by PTF team at 2021-07-08. The version of modules is specified by Drif Abdenour in the Ranches scripts (now, as I remember, version of  modules for "ptf-iris-2-2021-07-08" is Iris release with bugfixes),but at any time we can deploy on Rancher another versions of our modules like on the old Rancher.

Kafka is already build as Amazon MSK with 2 brokers.

Found issues:

  • Import doesn't work.

Reasons (SRM):

10:56:21.255 [kafka-producer-network-thread | producer-1] WARN faultMetadataUpdater [1888999eqId] [Producer clientId=producer-1]
Error while fetching metadata with correlation id 4107 : {​​​​​​​​perf-eks-folijet.Default.fs09000000.DI_RAW_MARC_BIB_RECORDS_CHUNK_READ=UNKNOWN_TOPIC_OR_PARTITION}​​​​​​​​

10:59:02.841 [vert.x-eventloop-thread-1] INFO LogUtil [2050585eqId]
DELETE /data-import/uploadDefinitions/1f6a69be-310f-4669-8b8b-f9a2547a9cdf null HTTP_1_1 400 110 77 tid=fs09000000 Bad Request

Needed improvements:

  • Access to DB by pgAdmin:

  • We need access to the logs for the all working period of the server (preferably via Kibana, but elasticsearch is enough too) or some possibility to download files by CLI (eg: > aws s3 cp .....).
  • SRM UI opens really slowly.