Temporarily Changing the Locale

The language and locale setting in FOLIO takes effect for all users on a FOLIO tenant, meaning that all users logged into a tenant use the same language and locale.  There is a function in the Developer settings to change the locale for a single browser tab without affecting other users.  

Screen capture of the Settings app showing the temporary session locale setting

This function is in the Settings app:

  1. In the Settings pane (the leftmost pane of the Settings app), select "Developer"
  2. in the Developer pane select "Session locale". 
  3. The rightmost pane contains the locales defined in the system.  Select a locale button to switch to that locale. 

This change is only in effect for the current browser tab.

The direct URLs to this setting for the various hosted environments are:

This is a temporary function to aid translators.  Translators are requested to use this function rather than changing the locale setting for the tenant (as found under the "Organization" selection of the Settings app).  The ability for a user to select a locale is described in UXPROD-510 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

This temporary work was done in UID-15 - Getting issue details... STATUS .