App Menu Bar Order

The app menu bar has a fixed order that is hard-coded in stripes.config.js. This allows to put frequently used apps at the beginning. This is per tenant. (Well, multiple front-ends with different stripes.config.js may be installed on different host names for the same tenant if there really is a need.)

Apps that don't fit into the menu bar overflow into the app drop-down menu, and that drop-down menu is sorted by the translated app name of the current locale.

Therefore the app menu bar and the app drop-down menu can have different order.

The default stripes.config.js from is sorted by the English names. If using German locale we get this:

If needed the sysop installing or upgrading a flower release may edit stripes.config.js and sort apps by translated name.

We have a tool that helps with this task – this one-line script takes a translation file from and sorts apps by translated name:

jq '[ to_entries[] | select(.key | endswith(".meta.title")) | .key |= sub("^(ui-)?(?<a>.*)\\.meta\\.title$"; "@folio/\(.a)") | .value |= ((.[0]?.value // .) | ascii_downcase) ] | sort_by(.value) | from_entries' de.json

Note: The output may contain excessive apps/plugins that have a translated name but doesn't exist in the release you are going to install. The output helps with ordering apps, it is not suitable for selecting compatible apps.