Find translation key usage

Sometimes more context is needed for the translation. This page shows how to find the source code that may give more context.

In Lokalise switch to the multilingual view using the toggle next to the filter and the sort by drowdown menu:

Now the file where this key comes from is shown at the left: translations/ui-users/%LANG_ISO&.json

The UI module name is between the slashes: ui-users

Put FOLIO's GitHub base URL into the browser URL slot and append the UI module name to it.

This results in the URL that, when opened by pressing enter, shows the ui-users module repository.

Put this into the search slot at the top of the page:

  • a double quote "
  • the UI module name ui-users
  • a dot .
  • the translation key: loans.declareLost
  • a double quote "

This results in ""

Replace each hyphen by a space. Result: "ui"

After pressing enter the search result page shows two links to the source files where the translation key is used.