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SamhængUX & Interaction Designer
Julian LadischGBV/VZGSoftware Developer
Index DataOpen Source Community Advocate
Index DataLibrarian. Analyst
Cate Boerema (Deactivated)EBSCOProduct Owner

About us

Review user interface design, data storage, and OKAPI platform design for issues related to internationalization of the user interface and underlying data storage.  (For more details, see about the Internationalization SIG)

Communication Channels

See FOLIO Communication Spaces for more details about the project's communication channels.


The Internationalization SIG meets on Fridays at 12.30 UTC (7:30am Eastern U.S. time).  For more details, see the SIG-I18N Meeting Tasks and Notes.

SIG Convener

For more information about the Internationalization SIG, contact the SIG-I18N convener, Peter Murray. 

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