SPIKE: MODSOURMAN-623 Authority record > Generate a 999 ff $i

MODSOURMAN-623 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Investigate how to link SRS MARC Authority record and Inventory Authority record.


The data import flow that was implemented for MARC Bib and MARC Holdings is not working with MARC Authority. The reason for that is MARC Authority records should not contain generated by FOLIO HRID.


  1. While mod-srm creates the payload for DI_RAW_RECORDS_CHUNK_PARSED Kafka event:
    1. Generate ID for Inventory Authority
    2. Set the ID in ParsedRecord 999 ff $i subfield of MARC record
    3. Set the ID in ExternalIdsHolder  authorityId field
  2. Modify mapping rules to get the value from 999 ff $i subfield and set it ti Inventory Authority

Additional info

Page with the data import flow for MARC Authority was created: 6. Create MARC Authority