Edelweiss Release (Q4 2019)

There are no plans for Edelweiss to include a mid-quarter release. Only the end-of-quarter release, code-name "Q4 2019" is planned.

Release calendar

  • Module release deadline is December 4th 2019 (Wednesday)
  • Manual release testing (bugfest) December 9th to 13th. Release critical bugs will be triaged via the #release_bug_triage channel.
  • Bugfix releases deadline (ALL issues triaged via #release_bug_triage and labeled ‘q4-2019’, all P1s and P2s if time allows) is December 18th
  • Edelweiss/Q4 2019 release will become public on December 20th

Individual module and library and versions

Release management spreadsheet includes versions of individual components (modules and libraries) included in the FOLIO release: TODO