2024 Technical Council Election

The FOLIO Technical Council's charter is to maintain the community’s technical policies, best practices, infrastructure, and monitor the operational health of the FOLIO project. It will also track and report Technical Debt and facilitate architectural decisions as needed by the community. It operates with close collaboration with the Community and Product Councils. 

Seats on the Technical Council are available to Members of the FOLIO community, in accordance with the FOLIO Governance Model. Member is defined as an individual who is an employee or a sponsored contractor of a Member Organization. Individuals will be elected to seats for two year terms. Shorter terms may be required for the initial transition period or to fill seats that become vacant between elections.

The Technical Council will be seeking nominees who have deep experience with one or more of:

  • Strong collaboration skills, able to drive decisions that champion the interests of the community and project
  • Deep understanding of software development processes and technologies required for a modern services oriented application
  • Agile software development methodologies, including Epic, Feature and Story creation
  • Knowledge of DevOps and Quality tools and processes
  • Experience with FOLIO’s code-base, technologies and development processes
  • Frequent contributor to FOLIO’s code-base
  • Experience managing technology, technical debt, and competing priorities 
  • Participating in and/or managing open community governance
  • Library management systems and library workflows
  • Leadership of development or other technical teams

See also FOLIO Governance Model Election Process, previous elections and the Technical Council Membership History.

The current members are:

There are 6 open seats on the Technical Council for 2-year terms starting July 2024. Technical Council members currently serving a term that ends June 2024 may stand for re-election if they have not occupied a seat for 2 consecutive terms.


Nominations will be collected until May 30, 2024 via the nomination form here.  Nominations have been extended to June 7, 2024.

Successful candidates will join the council on July 1, 2024


THANK YOU to all of the nominees for their interest in helping FOLIO become its best.

The following individuals have been nominated:

NameInstitutionCandidate Statement
Jenn ColtCornell UniversityI have just finished my first term on the technical council and would be very glad to be able to continue with the work I have been doing. I've been involved with making updates to some of our processes, helping to understand the changes proposed by the Eureka platform, and working on documentation. I'm interested in making sure FOLIO works for all kinds of libraries, and, from a technical standpoint, especially interested in how FOLIO integrates with other systems.
Maccabee LevineLehigh UniversityI’ve enjoyed serving on the Technical Council for the last two years. In that time I’ve led subgroups to improve our module evaluation process and help control our AWS costs, and participated on others. I led a survey about our technical documentation, and then initiated the developer advocate position proposal that led to our recent hire. As a FOLIO developer I’ve implemented bound-with functionality for the ui-inventory module, and I’ve built and presented on many external applications of the FOLIO APIs. Beyond FOLIO I am also a VuFind developer (including improving its FOLIO integration) and I serve on governance groups for it and Project ReShare. I would be happy to continue supporting the TC and the open nature of the FOLIO project.
Jason RootTexas A&M UniversityI would appreciate your consideration to represent Texas A&M University Libraries as a member of the FOLIO Technical Council. I have been an active member of the FOLIO community since 2018 contributing as a SysOps, technical lead of multiple subgroups, and as an advocate for on-premise FOLIO deployments. I believe that my experience with the FOLIO operational model, deployment and migration expertise will allow me to contribute productively to the FOLIO Technical Council.
Florian GleixnerBVB (Bavarian Library Network)As a current member of the TC, I would like to continue my work. I work at the LRZ (Leibniz Supercomputing Centre) for the Bavarian Library Network (BVB) and my focus is on running and deploying Folio on kubernetes for the BVB. I have > 20 years experience in systems administration and software development.
Julian LadischGBV/VZGI've been a developer in the FOLIO Core Platform development team since 2016 and a member of FOLIO's Security Group since 2020. As a TC member, I would particularly like to make the work of sysops and developers easier.
Ingolf Kusshbz NRW, CologneI will contribute to an efficient work of the T.C. I will take part in subgroups which deal with the evaluation of new software components. My interest is that the FOLIO architecture will remain maintainable for self-hosting institutions. I will support working on a good documentation for system administrators. I will support an open platform which can easily integrate contributed modules. I am a system administrator and Java developer. As the convener of the Sys Ops SIG, I see my role in bringing experiences and wishes of the FOLIO system administrators into the T.C.'s discussion. I will be a source of information for the T.C. concerning the operational needs of the system.

Elected Members

To be posted after election.