2022 Technical Council Election

The FOLIO Technical Council's charter is to maintain the community’s technical policies, best practices, infrastructure, and monitor the operational health of the FOLIO project. It will also track and report Technical Debt and facilitate architectural decisions as needed by the community. It operates with close collaboration with the Community and Product Councils. 

Seats on the Technical Council are available to Members of the FOLIO community, in accordance with the FOLIO Governance Model. Member is defined as an individual who is an employee or a sponsored contractor of a Member Organization. Individuals will be elected to seats for two year terms. Shorter terms may be required for the initial transition period or to fill seats that become vacant between elections.

The Technical Council will be seeking nominees who have deep experience with one or more of:

  • Strong collaboration skills, able to drive decisions that champion the interests of the community and project
  • Deep understanding of software development processes and technologies required for a modern services oriented application
  • Agile software development methodologies, including Epic, Feature and Story creation
  • Knowledge of DevOps and Quality tools and processes
  • Experience with FOLIO’s code-base, technologies and development processes
  • Frequent contributor to FOLIO’s code-base
  • Experience managing technology, technical debt, and competing priorities 
  • Participating in and/or managing open community governance
  • Library management systems and library workflows
  • Leadership of development or other technical teams

See also Tech Council Election May/June 2021 and Technical Council Membership History

There are 6 open seats on the Technical Council for 2-year terms starting July 2022. Technical Council members currently serving an initial 1-year term that ends June 2022 may stand for re-election.


Nominations will be collected from May 9 through May 25, 2022 via the nomination form – Now closed

Voting will be open from May 31 through June 17, 2021

Successful candidates will join the council on July 1, 2022


THANK YOU to all of the nominees for their interest in helping FOLIO become its best.

The following individuals have been nominated:

NameInstitutionCandidate Statement
Jeremy HuffTexas A&MI would like to submit myself for consideration to represent Texas A&M University Libraries as a member of the FOLIO Technical Council. I have served as a member of the council for the past year, and have been involved with the FOLIO project as a contributing developer since 2016. In my capacity as a member of the FOLIO technical council, I have served as deputy chair, and have participated in several subcommittees. During that time I and my colleagues have taken great strides in defining the culture and processes of the TC, and I am eager to continue with these efforts. 
Jenn ColtCornell University LibraryUntil 2018 I worked in library IT implementing OSS projects- Blacklight, Spotlight, and Samvera. I am a member of ALA's Core section, an active participant in Code4Lib, and part of FOLIO for three years.

In 2018 I joined library technical services, giving me greater insight into technology and data needs across the library. In LTS I worked on data migration, including into ArchivesSpace and FOLIO.

In addition to writing my own code for working with FOLIO, I work with Cornell developers on FOLIO integrations and data pipelines. I provide support to end users to solve FOLIO data problems. I'm interested in making FOLIO a strong technical solution that is welcoming to new contributions and easy for library developers to work with.
Florian GleixnerBVB - Bibliotheksverbund Bayern (Bavarian Library Network)

I work at the LRZ, BVB's technical service provider, and am responsible for the implementation of Folio. My team develops helm charts for Kubernetes deployment of Folio. Our goal is to develop an easy, documented and scalable way to install, run and update multiple Folio tenants on Kubernetes, to meet BVBs future requirements. I'm also member of the sysops SIG.

Besides very good knowledge in Unix system administration, I also have experience in the field of DevOps and software development.

Sha JiangJIANGSU JIATU NETWORK TECHONOLOGY CO.,LTD.Technical director of JIATU FOLIO team. Architect of Shanghai Library FOLIO project. 17 years experience in software development. 4 years experience  in FOLIO integration. Recently, focusing on the operation efficiency of FOLIO.
Maccabee LevineLehigh UniversitySince joining a FOLIO institution this January I’ve contributed to the Order Import app and developed new OSS utilities for specific inventory tasks using the FOLIO APIs.  During development I’ve engaged with the community on Slack and presented by request to an MM SIG meeting, because I believe making software and technical documentation useful for others adds value for us as well.  I’m interested in contributing on the TC to FOLIO’s development processes, with a focus on improvements for new FOLIO developers like myself.  Past experience includes developing an OSS catalog shelf-browsing add-on that was used at 30+ institutions, leading a 14-institution consortium Primo implementation, and leading accessibility remediation.
Ankita SenMainz University LibraryI have been working as a DevOps Engineer for installing and maintaining FOLIO for the library at Uni Mainz for almost 2 years now. Apart from that I am also contributing whatever I can within the Folio DevOps team. I am dealing mostly with developing and maintaining the Github Actions CI/CD pipelines and such. My reason for applying to the product council is to learn about FOLIO and it's functionalities as a whole instead of just sticking to the DevOps even though that is my speciality. Being a part of the technical council will also help me take more suitable decisions when it comes to the Folio installation at our library, moreover it is a learning opportunity for me to be working beside diverse technical minds.
Dr. Ingolf Kusshbz, CologneTechnical lead of hbz FOLIO implementation, interest in a sustainable technical direction that FOLIO will go, make FOLIO diverse and maintainable, support interfaces to external systems, address technical pain points; SysOps SIG Convener, working at a local hosting provider for FOLIO

Elected Members

The following people have been elected to serve 2-year terms from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2024:

  • Jeremy Huff (Texas A&M)
  • Jenn Colt (Cornell University Library)
  • Florian Gleixner (BVB - Bibliotheksverbund Bayern (Bavarian Library Network))
  • Maccabee Levine (Lehigh University)
  • Ankita Sen (Mainz University Library)
  • Dr. Ingolf Kuss (hbz, Cologne)