2023 Technical Council Election

The FOLIO Technical Council's charter is to maintain the community’s technical policies, best practices, infrastructure, and monitor the operational health of the FOLIO project. It will also track and report Technical Debt and facilitate architectural decisions as needed by the community. It operates with close collaboration with the Community and Product Councils. 

Seats on the Technical Council are available to Members of the FOLIO community, in accordance with the FOLIO Governance Model. Member is defined as an individual who is an employee or a sponsored contractor of a Member Organization. Individuals will be elected to seats for two year terms. Shorter terms may be required for the initial transition period or to fill seats that become vacant between elections.

The Technical Council will be seeking nominees who have deep experience with one or more of:

  • Strong collaboration skills, able to drive decisions that champion the interests of the community and project
  • Deep understanding of software development processes and technologies required for a modern services oriented application
  • Agile software development methodologies, including Epic, Feature and Story creation
  • Knowledge of DevOps and Quality tools and processes
  • Experience with FOLIO’s code-base, technologies and development processes
  • Frequent contributor to FOLIO’s code-base
  • Experience managing technology, technical debt, and competing priorities 
  • Participating in and/or managing open community governance
  • Library management systems and library workflows
  • Leadership of development or other technical teams

See also FOLIO Governance Model Election Process, previous elections and the Technical Council Membership History.

The current members are:

There are 5 open seats on the Technical Council for 2-year terms starting July 2023. Technical Council members currently serving a term that ends June 2023 may stand for re-election.


Nominations will be collected from April 12 through April 19, 2023 via the nomination form here - extended to May 1.

Voting will be open from May 15, 2023 through May 29, 2023.

Successful candidates will join the council on July 1, 2023


THANK YOU to all of the nominees for their interest in helping FOLIO become its best.

The following individuals have been nominated:

NameInstitutionCandidate Statement
Sha JiangJIANGSU JIATU NETWORK TECHONOLOGY CO.,LTD.14 years of experience in software development in the library business. Focusing on FOLIO platform localization in China.
Craig McNallyEBSCO Information Services

I'd love the opportunity to continue contributing to the success of FOLIO as a member of the Technical Council for a second term. Experience:

Technical Council (current):

  • In my first term on the FOLIO Technical Council I served as chair. During that time, the TC has become much more organized and effective. Meetings have become more structured, and much less contentious. Several new processes have been put in place and are actively used by the project.

FOLIO Security Team (current):

  • Active member since the group was formed
  • Help with issue triage, organization, communication, and refining security-related processes

FOLIO development teams (previously):

  • Core platform, acquisitions, external systems integrations, etc.
Taras SpashchenkoEPAMI am a highly experienced Solution Architect with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. I have been involved with the FOLIO project since 2018, with a strong focus on technical aspects. As a member of the FOLIO community, I have contributed to the development of FOLIO and its integration with other systems. With my extensive experience, I am confident that I will provide valuable technical expertise and contribute to the success of FOLIO as a TC member.
Wenjing ZhuShanghai LibraryDirector of Shanghai Library R&D department. Bachelor in Computer Science, Master in library information and Science. More than 12 years of coding experience. With a strong interest in open source technology and always passionate about learning new IT knowledge. Now focus on library IT architecture design, Folio platform, microservices, Agile Development, etc.
Marc JohnsonKnowledge Integration

I have served on the Technical Council for the last 2 years. During that time, I've acted as liaison to the CC/PC and participated in improvements to our processes, inc. evaluation of our technical standards & modules

I would be honoured to continue that service in guiding the technical direction of FOLIO and helping us make cohesive decisions

I have worked on FOLIO for more than 7 years as a developer and tech lead responsible for a variety of modules

I've been a developer and technical lead for more than 17 years, participating in the whole development lifecycle across multiple domains. During which time, I've used a variety of tools and architectures, and have worked with and coached Agile practices such as TDD and Continuous Delivery

Jakub SkoczenIndex DataTech lead of the FOLIO Core: Platform team, member of the FOLIO Security Team. Lead Architect at Index Data.
Tod OlsonUniversity of Chicago

I would like to continue serving on the FOLIO TC.

In the last two years I have served as the primary liaison with the PC, and worked on the TC's Objectives & Initiatives and been active in other activities. I have been involved in the Reporting SIG and SysOps SIG from early days.

Experience includes 30 years in library technology, including sysadmin, db administration, application programming, and usability work. I currently manage my library's Integrated Library Systems unit.
Throughout my career I have acted as a bridge between functional experts and technical staff, working broadly with different areas of the library operations as well as with commercial and non-commercial partners.

Announced until May 8

Elected Members

The following people have been elected to serve 2-year terms from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2025: